6 Great Eco-friendly Tips for Around the Home

  • By: Sandra
  • Date: March 18, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Practicing nature-friendly habits at home is a great way to live more healthily. It has also been claimed to be frugal. If you like keeping your budget in check, you may want to go green with your home. It includes some simple and easy to follow rules. You don’t have to sacrifice to be more nature-friendly. Check out these simple eco-friendly tips.

Clean Filters

Filters have many uses in the household. There are filters in your vacuum cleaner, clothes dryer, air conditioner and heater. Not cleaning them regularly makes your appliances less efficient. As a result, they consume more energy to get the job done. It is advisable to clean filters once every few months.

Save Water

Fill a small bottle of water and put it into your toilet tank. Every time you flush, the tank will require less water to fill. In the long run, this will reduce your water bills significantly.
If you have a modern dishwasher, don’t rinse your dishes before you load the machine. Nowadays, dishwashers clean plates and glasses much more efficiently than they did in the past. Hence, there is no need to worry. Just toss the dirty dishes and let the machine work its magic.
Additionally, fix leaks immediately. Don’t let dripping faucets suck up your savings. Use the water extracted from your dehumidifiers to water plants or to fill the reservoir of your steam iron.

Use Batteries Wisely

Trade in your regular batteries for rechargeable ones. They work in all modern devices, such as remote controls, cell phones, flashlight, video game controllers, etc.

Change Bulbs

Trade in all incandescent light bulbs in the house for LED or fluorescent light bulbs. You are doing good to nature and also to your energy bills. It’s not difficult to find more eco-friendly bulbs. These days they are everywhere and they don’t cost that much. Sure enough, their incandescent counterparts may be less expensive but still it’s best to stick with the greener versions.

Steer Clear of Disposables

Switch to cloth napkins, T-shirts, towels and rugs. Try not to use disposables. Use less paper towel if possible. The fewer disposables you use, the more money you will save. Not to mention, it’s just eco-friendly.

Use Nature-friendly Cleaning and Skincare Products

If you really want to go green, you have to switch to green cleaning solutions. Check out HouseCleaners Cricklewood. (They generously provided these eco-friendly tips!) Using conventional cleaners often poses a health risk to you. They use harsh, dangerous chemicals that have pungent smell and leave toxic fumes in the air long after the cleaning is done. For this and for many other reasons, choosing natural over conventional is a must. Your green cleaning alternatives include using vinegar, beeswax, lemons, baking soda, castile soap, cornstarch, salt and essential oils. Most of these ingredients can make wonderful all-purpose cleaners to use around the home. It saves time and effort. If you have been coaxed into making your own cleaning products, make sure to check out some cleaning recipes online first. There are thousands of options. You can make your own window cleaners, wood cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, floor cleaners, stain cleaners, and even your own disinfectants. Give a thought to it.
When it comes to products, don’t forget about your cosmetics. Try out organic shops. They offer a wide range of face creams, body lotions, facial scrubs, makeover, nail polishes, soaps, deodorants, etc. If you find these too expensive, try using organic oils to moisturize your skin and to prepare a number of cosmetic products.
The best part about these tips is that they won’t make you feel like you have to put a lot of effort into keeping your home eco-friendly. You don’t have to sacrifice anything. Just give it a try and feel the difference.