9 Ways My Husband Says I Love You

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 22, 2021
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In honor of this month of love, I am sharing how blessed I am to have such a wonderful and selfless husband. He works extremely hard and sacrifices everything for his family. We truly have an incredible relationship and I am forever in love with him.

My #1 Fan

My husband believes in my goal to create a portable business that brings in a sustainable flow of income. Anytime I lose hope, he continues to talk about how great it will be when I do succeed. Not IF I succeed, but WHEN I succeed.
He publicly supports my Facebook page even when the posts don’t apply to him at all. A funny example is him liking my last giveaway announcement, which featured free nursing pads… Because, of course, that totally applies to him. LOL.
He’s a keeper. <3

Takes on Chores I Despise

He maintains my vehicle and changes the oil every 3,000 miles.
He is usually the one to take out the garbage and empty the compost bucket. I nearly vomited the first time I emptied it…
We don’t have a garbage disposal for the first time in forever… (Ugh– Frozen) and now our kitchen sink gets clogged all the time. I constantly let that baby fill up to the point of almost overflowing, so my husband just defaults to fixing it now.
He also hand washes the dishes 95% of the time.

My Personal Masseur

The moment my husband senses an overwhelming buildup of stress resonating from my body, he walks up behind me and gives me a shoulder massage. This typically happens when motherhood starts to get the best of me… at least a few hundred times a week.

Allows Me Extra Sleep

On our recent anniversary vacation (February 4), he let me take a long nap and sleep in late every morning. I am NOT a morning person and he prefers to start the day’s productivity early. It was amazing to guiltlessly sleep and hit the refresh button on my mind, body and soul!
At home, he will occasionally let me sleep in when he has the day off. It’s a rare occasion due to his chaotic work schedule, but when it happens I am forever grateful! It’s the most relieving feeling ever to hear him roll out of bed when the baby cries at 7:30am. He turns the fan on full force and closes the door behind him, leaving me to sleep while he entertains the early-rising monsters.

Brings Me Goodies

I don’t know how he does it, but he voluntarily stops at the store to pick up a few groceries after working a 12 hour shift… with minimal sleep. He typically grabs my favorite goodies that I avoid buying on regular shopping trips in order to save money. I’m spoiled with fancy coffee, extra bags of breakfast meat substitutes, almond milk, extra fruit, all the ingredients to make our famous chips & cheese, nerds candy, a 6-pack of Blue Moon, Babybel cheese and anything else he think I might like food-wise.

Supports My Vegetarianism

My meat-loving husband never complains or demands that I cook him meat at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Since vegetarianism is still newer for me, I repeatedly ask his feelings on my decision to go meatless. (Read No More Meat: Why I Am Officially a Vegetarian.) He has stated numerous times that he is very open-minded and grateful to be served home cooked meals.
Husband of the century, right there.

Let’s Me Choose the Radio Station

As I ponder the numerous ways my husband has unknowingly said I love you, I realize that 99.9% of our past ten years together, I’ve always been the one to choose our music. It’s rarely his preferred rock station, but more often, some chick singing country love songs. I can’t remember him ever complaining.

Bonnie & Clyde

My husband is drawn to activities that create a thrilling adrenaline rush. Combine that with my fiery, “let’s-conquer-the-world”, no-nonsense attitude, and we are rarely bored. We have the ability to create our own life adventure and, therefore, we get to choose when to add a little spontaneity. That occasionally results in us living in the moment and ignoring potential negative consequences. Nothing says I love you more than taking a big risk for the sake of joyful life experiences with family.
(No, we have never robbed a bank or been to prison.)

Hugs, Kisses, & I Love You’s

I’ll finish on the most basic, yet most desired way my husband says I love you. Everyday he leaves for work, I get all three of these touching mementos: a hug, kiss, and I love you. Upon his arrival, I am spoiled again with another round. At the end of all our phone conversations, I hear I love you. At the end of each night, I hear I love you again. And it’s not merely out of ritual, it’s felt whole-heartedly.

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