A Collection of Photos from around our Rural Michigan Farmhouse.

  • By: Monica
  • Date: December 19, 2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Trees. Shrubs. Perennial Flowers. Blackberries. Raspberries. Blueberries. Apples. Pears. Vegetable Gardens. Mint Garden. Edible Perennial Garden. 1 Dog. 2 Cats. 2 Sheep. 12 Chickens. Wildlife.
Wanna take a tour around our rural Michigan farmhouse? I had some free time this evening. No kids or husband. It was just me, my animal babies and a camera to photo tour our property. This RARELY happens.
Let me know if you can identify any of the unnamed plants! I will put an asterisk (*) by any plant species I need help with! 

Wildflowers & Perennial Flowers

My major focus this summer has been tidying up our yard and growing vegetables. Sadly, I let all our flower beds run wild with weeds. I intend on doing serious landscaping with black plastic, wood chips and the whole works. That will be next year’s project though! The previous owners did a wonderful job planting perennials that bloom from the first of spring till the end of fall. It’s only July and we’ve had quite a nice flower show throughout our yard.

Black-Eyed Susan

*Purple Wildflower

Dog Rose

*Pink Wildflowers

*Budding Flower

Stella de Oro Daylily

*Shrubby False Buttonweed?

Common Daylily, Orange Daylily, Tawny Daylily, Tiger Lily

Pink Roses

Common Daylily

Asiatic Lily with Budding Yellow Flowers & Black Fruit along Stem (Common Daylily in Back)


We have a small Pine tree forest on our lot and several White Oak in the mix. There’s also fruit trees: one peach (needs a companion or it may be too old to bear fruit), two pears and two apples. We have plans to plant a few cherry trees too.

Baby White Oak Tree

Baby Pine Tree

Northern Catalpa

Apple Tree (Unknown Variety)

Pear Tree (Unknown Variety)

I believe this is another picture of the Apple Tree.

Vegetable Garden

I wrote several initial posts on prepping garden suppliesstarting seeds indoorsthinning seedlings and tilling our garden. Our seeds have been in the ground for about one month now. Some plants are doing great, while others are hating our poor quality sandy soil. We paid for a soil test, but aren’t going to seriously focus on regaining its health until we have a good stock of chicken and sheep manure that’s been sitting awhile. Next year our soil will be AMAZING. Or so I hope. 🙂


I planted three Sunflower varieties on the north side of our garden before the rows of corn. I hear they grow well together and might even increase the yield of corn. Regardless, they are good companion plants for pest problems like aphids and are just plain beautiful to look at!

Sweet Corn

My rows of corn definitely have empty spots where nothing grew. This picture is my tallest plant. I get let down every time I look at the thick corn fields all around my area. They are three times as tall! I guess I was over-paranoid about our Michigan weather dropping below freezing. I didn’t get my garden planted until the June 7th!


Orange Mint

Apple Mint

I love this picture of Apple Mint. It is an excellent example to prove just how hardy those mint plants are! I planted this mint plant when it appeared to be completely dead. There was no sign of green life anywhere and it was completely dried out. In just a short amount of time, with some love and watering, it rose from the dead!

*Purple Corn?

This purple corn was an accident! We had our chicken tractor over this garden area so they could clean out all the bugs… and well, we threw them our leftover popcorn kernels. A few weeks later, I noticed these baby corn stalks growing. I recently bought a special purple popcorn kernel variety that is supposedly higher in antioxidants. I really hope that’s what growing because we always pop our own popcorn rather than buying the bagged kind.

Chocolate Mint


Our garden is so big that I cannot keep up on the weeding for the life of me! I just do a little bit of weeding each day and call it good. I’ve never weeded my garden in the past… EVER. So I’d say I’m doing a damn good job this time! 🙂 The soil quality in this picture just kills me.. It looks so unhealthy and dry…


Don’t you just love my straight rows?!! I didn’t use stakes and twine until I was halfway through my garden. I’d say it adds character, no?


Bok Choy

My bok choy was planted from kitchen scraps. Simply place the remaining bottom part of the stalk in water. Change the water every 2-3 days and watch roots form. Once there is a solid new root system, plant it into the soil and watch it regrow! Those beautiful leaves were already growing nicely indoors and now they are really thriving. I love cooking bok choy in stir fry dishes!

Messy garden – Purple specks represent one full row of gourmet mix lettuce.

This side of my garden really needs help. Free free to drop by and pick all the weeds for me. Thanks! You can’t tell but there are radishes, carrots, lettuce, and spinach growing in that area.

DE on Ant Hill Directly under Plant

I am currently battling the ants with Diatomaceous Earth (DE). I’m winning but slowly. That is the only pesticide I use in my garden and sparingly. I get really upset when I see a humungous ant hill with the opening swallowing the base of the plant stem. I tend to get carried away with the DE when I see that! Otherwise, this is as natural as a garden can get… (minus the Non-Organic seeds I bought from Burpee. I incorrectly assumed non-GMO = organic so who knows what each seed was coated with! :/ ) Oh well. Next time, I’ll be better.

Sugar Snap Peas


Tomato Plant

Tomato Plant

China Rose Radish



Blackberries & Perennial Grasses

Pompous Grass

*Unknown Perennial

*Unknown Perennial Grass

Beautiful Blackberries… Almost Ripe

Farm Babies

Macchiato, The Sweetest Girl Ever!

Xena, Barred Rock

Fancy, Light Brahma

I’m suspicious that Fancy is a rooster… which would make 3 roosters in our flock of 12.

Handsome Sparkle Boy, King of the Coop

Evil looking but extremely docile & friendly Rooster named Flutter Boy

Girls – Daffodil (left) Sapphire (Right)

Raja enjoying country living

Flutter is sleeping. Sparkle Boy wants to know what the heck I’m keeping him awake for… !

 Shetland Sheep named Rammstein

This lamb is a serious love bug who can never get enough attention or food. He’s part dog.

My first spoiled girl, Annabelle

Enjoying their new window perch. Jewel is looking directly at me.

Daffodil, Isa Brown

My babies and I, Rammstein & Buckwheat

Take 2.

That’s all I have for now. I missed quite a lot… however, I think I gave you all a pretty good nature tour! I did miss getting a picture of my dog but I featured him in a recent post showing off his dog tricks. 🙂

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