A Few Things I Insist on Giving My Children

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

There are just a few things I insist on giving my children. (Besides the basics, food, water, and shelter!) And of course, I spoil my children with so many toys and other fun experiences too, but here are the major categories!
Love, Respect & Kindness
This one is such an easy thing to do with adorable babies and innocent toddler questions. My children are giving me a life filled with joy everyday. They teach me new perspectives as they learn to figure out this world themselves. It’s only natural to give them love in return to support them on their own journeys.
I am not known for my patience. However, I have greatly improved and am continuously working on this for my children so they can learn patience themselves. Patience is needed for so many levels of parenting and aspects of life. Example: Miss A likes to put on her shoes by herself… which takes forever! Without patience to wait for her to do it herself, she would never learn.
We sing in this family. It doesn’t mean we are amazing, but we do put our heart in it! :) We sing children’s nursery songs, disney songs, country songs, clean hip hop and alternative songs, everything! We even make up songs in the shower. We make up songs as we cook, clean, play, and go to bed. I have put my piano playing on hold for the past few years and haven’t touched the french horn since High School. I make up for it with singing! Every night, Miss A chooses to sing a nuh-night song or read a book.
Reading is learning. Every child should have their own bookshelf in their room! Miss A has one filled with about a hundred books. Even though she insists on reading the same book over and over, she will eventually move on to others! We also go to the library to borrow new books. My little boy has a small book collection of his own too. When we buy a house (soon), I am totally creating a small, cozy nook somewhere to snuggle up and read! It will be beautiful.
Children learn best by watching you as parents. If you want your children to live a life filled with love, become a living example.

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