A Weekend of Celebration: Bridal Shower

  • By: Monica
  • Date: November 22, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

One of my best friends << SHARI BABY >> is getting married soon and I am a bridesmaid in her wedding! Her wedding is next month already, so we had her bridal shower this past weekend. Her cousin and mother hosted a wonderful party! (Shari was in my wedding too. Click to view pictures for a blast from the past!)
Her shower started with a pink lemonade aperitif while waiting for guests to arrive. Then we jumped straight into some party games. The first (and most exciting) game was a contest to see who could design the best wedding dress for Shari’s big day. We split up into two teams and had to design a wedding dress using toilet paper and Shari as the model! It was pretty classy. Shari was left to decide which dress she would like to wear on her wedding day. The winners won the leftover toilet paper! HAHA. Everybody needs toilet paper! I totally recommend this game for all brides to be. SO MUCH FUN!
Next, we all had to fill out a questionnaire about Shari and her fiance. It had a lot of details that all of her bridesmaids should have known… The winner knew the most about the married couple to be. I failed! SORRY! I knew most of the answers at one point in my life… I’m awful. :/
Then, we played one of my favorite games. We were handed a list of items and had to grab our purses to see if we could find them in there. Items included ten+ credit cards, used tissue, gum, receipt older than one month, and more. Each item was valued at a set amount of points. The person with the most points won. I don’t know why I love that game so much but I find it so exciting!
There was also a door prize winner after all the games were played. To enter, we filled out an envelope with our name and address. Shari pulled my envelope from the bowl! I was stoked and the prize was awesome. I won a Calla Lily potted plant, which was my grandma’s favorite flower and used at her funeral. I have never had one before so I was thrilled! =)
For lunch, we had chicken salad on croissants (so good), cheese, chips, and strawberries. The dessert was a wedding dress made out of cupcakes. It was so pretty that nobody wanted to take one. No worries, though. I captured a picture!
Then Shari opened a lot of gifts that will be a lovely addition to her home! I took this beautiful shot of her…
She is going to be such a beautiful bride! (Also, I can’t wait for all the homemade Mexican food! YUMMM!) Her wedding is going to be a blast!

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