A Weekend of Celebration: Gender Reveal Party

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 23, 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

After Shari’s bridal shower, I headed over to my cousin Amber’s gender reveal party!  If you haven’t been to one of these parties yet, it is a ‘must attend at least once in your lifetime’ kind of event. It is so much fun waiting in suspense to see whether the lovely mama will be blessed with a little boy or girl! I attended my first gender reveal party when I hosted my own for my second child. So I was happy to actually go to one as a guest too.
There were lots of cute baby decorations, both in baby boy and girl pastels. She baked those tasty vegan cupcakes and the peanuts were loaded up in little handmade diapers. (nuts in diapers *hint hint* so inappropriate haha) The food was served on baby boy and girl themed plates. Everyone had to choose a straw with pink lips on it or mustaches to show off whether they thought Amber was having a girl or boy. I chose the lips… more on that in a bit. We were not required to bring gifts, but I recently reviewed a neat product called Mamascent that unfortunately did not fit my baby bottles, so I brought that for her to hopefully be able to use.

There was a poster board where we had to add our name to the “boy” or “girl” list. Miss A (two and a half years old) told me she thought Amber was having a girl, so I hesitantly added our names to the “girl” list.
My grandma used to be an OB nurse and claims to have an almost perfect accuracy rate in determining a baby’s gender using a crystal tied to a string. She holds the crystal over the pregnant woman’s belly. If the baby is a boy, the crystal will move back and forth. If the baby is a girl, the crystal will move in a circle. My grandma swears that she never moves the crystal herself!
When it was held over Amber’s belly, the crystal moved back and forth! Once again, her crystal predicted the correct sex of the baby! SHE IS HAVING A BOY!! ((SOOO EXCITING)) She also predicted that my second baby would be a boy as well. Crazy cool! =)

Congratulations and best of luck to the happy parents-to-be!
Already tired daddy//Nick with a stack of new baby boy clothes!
And… they have a cute little Siberian Husky puppy that is 3 months old. I have to show him off! He hopped right up in my lap and laid down. It makes me want a puppy too!
Here is Amber fooling everybody with her pink hair!
And more random pictures of my babies, big and small!
All in all, it was a fun party! I want to end by saying I had a gut feeling that she was having a boy!! Hahaha it’s my blog so I am officially allowed to post my feelings no matter how silly or “i told you so” it sounds! =)=)=)
Have a great evening everyone!

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