Bottle Feeding Technology to Prevent Backwash

  • By: Monica
  • Date: December 19, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

*This post is sponsored by aLoo. A big thanks to my sister Pricilla for letting me borrow my nephew, Finn to act as baby model! <3 And thanks in advance for reading and sharing this new bottle feeding technology! 
The World Health Organization recommends preparing a fresh bottle (breastmilk or formula) each and every time you feed your baby. It is recommended that you discard any remaining milk that has not been consumed within two hours. This is the safest way to prevent bacteria growth and ensure your baby does not get sick.
Sounds simple right? Well, yes… But if you’ve experienced the joys of motherhood, you learn that’s not always the case. Your baby doesn’t always finish full bottles. Sometimes, you prepare a brand new (full) bottle only to discover your baby wasn’t hungry after all. You end up with half-filled bottles more often than expected. And after spending hundreds of hours pumping breastmilk for babysitters or handing over hundred of dollars for formula, it is not easy to dump it down the drain. Don’t even get me started on how much sweat and tears us mothers go through just to keep our milk supply up!!!
It would sure be nice if we could safely extend the life of unconsumed breastmilk… and that’s where aLoo comes in.


In order to help solve the issue of bacteria growth in consumed milk, Aarti Mehta, MD, founder of aLoo, developed a technology that works to keep backwash out of the bottle. They created a small piece– aLoo, that is inserted under the nipple in the bottle and secured with the ring. It’s easy to use and genius! I even tested it myself with rice milk. The liquid easily flows into your baby’s mouth like a regular bottle.

Benefits of aLoo

Why wasn’t aLoo around when my babies were little? Mine are five and three years old now; and far away from bottle feeding days! This would have been a lifesaver because I definitely remember unsafely extending the life of unconsumed breastmilk beyond WHO recommendations. :/
Check out the three major benefits of aLoo.

1. Bacteria Prevention

This was the main reason for the birth of aLoo. The BPA-free plastic piece keeps backwash from entering into the bottle. When your baby drinks milk and takes a break, you will be able to see some backwash trapped above aLoo in the nipple part of the bottle. Microbiological testing was done and it was confirmed that aLoo prevented more than 99% of the bacteria from flowing back into the bottle!

2. Easy to Clean & Use

aLoo is dishwasher safe! It can tolerate a minimum of 12 months of regular dishwasher use.

3. Compatibility

aLoo is compatible with most mainstream market bottle brands such as Avent, Philips, Medela, Dr. Brown’s, Tommee Tippee, Playtex and Joovy. It’s a super easy addition to your regular bottle feeding.

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