Baa, We Have Shetland Sheep!

  • By: Monica
  • Date: December 19, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Family and friends… Let me introduce you to our newest farm babies.
Technically, they are not ours… yet… We are fostering these lovelies because their owner needed help weaning them from their mamas. Poor little things will be sold to a new owner regardless, so we couldn’t resist.
We picked them up a couple days ago and transported them in a large dog crate in the back of my Honda CRV. They travelled better than my cats normally do… but they still baa-ed loudly! (It was an interesting hour drive to say the least!)
If all goes well, we will probably keep them.
After all… We fixed up a nice extra-large stall in our barn, built a solid fence, and chose names for them already.
Did I mention they are absolutely adorable… and super cute?
And both of our children love them! Our son (age 1) can’t get near them because he is far too excited that he scares them half to death! However, my daughter sits quietly and can pet, feed, and kiss them!
My husband named this black and white poof ball Rammstein. I call him Rammy because he’s just too cute and friendly for such a big, strong name! Right now, he is the only one who will come to us and eat out of our hands. He even climbs up on my lap!
This little fella is Buckwheat. He’s still timid and misses his mama. Poor little guy. I’m letting him ease into his new home at his own pace. I’m sure, in time, he will be just as friendly and happy to see me as his brother (from another mother).
These little lambs will have plenty to eat with all the tall grass and weeds on our property. We could probably take in a couple dozen sheep and officially be shepherds… But two will do! They will help us cut back on gas and mowing time! 🙂
Oh and in case you think I am the crazy one who decided to get sheep, I would definitely say that it was a mutual decision made by both my husband and I! He is actually the one who arranged this whole sheep fostering deal with one of his co-workers who raises sheep. I daydreamed about the idea but never actually sought out sheep for sale!
But seriously, this whole having sheep thing is pretty cool! I am very excited to really get to know and bond with a new type of animal. I’ve interacted with sheep a million times at fairs and farms, so I’m excited to step it up and begin a new learning adventure… with Shetland Sheep! 🙂

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