Barn Stall Chicken Coop: Part 1

  • By: Monica
  • Date: November 23, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

This week our 7 week old chicks finally moved out of their tiny coop in our basement to upgraded living quarters outdoors! A little shifting of materials in our barn and they landed themselves a sweet barn stall chicken coop with the following luxuries:

  • Upcycled door and chicken wire for protection
  • Window for light
  • Small chicken door for daytime strolls
  • Long branch to perch on
  • Wood chipped floor to peck through
  • Cozy straw-filled nesting area for relaxation
  • Daily access to a buffet of bugs, seeds and plants!

They are loving the change of scenery. It’s so cute to watch them all follow each other around the yard as they discover new pecking grounds! They especially enjoyed helping me prep my garden area by ridding the larva and other insects from underneath all the old pieces of wood.

Entry way to barn stall chicken coop

My husband built the two doors and covered them with hog wire paneling. All edges are secure so predators cannot weasel their way into the coop. There are locks on both doors as well. We were fortunate to have found all the materials lying around our property, and therefore this project was FREE with the exception of a few new hinges and nails!

Inside the coop

We will be changing this around in the future, but for now they have a nice perching area and a fancy area to lay in straw. You can see their small chicken door in the first picture. We leave it open during the day and latch it shut at night.

Future customizations for the coop

In a short time, we will be building nest boxes for them to lay eggs in. If they start laying eggs around 20 weeks, we should see eggs in mid July. Here are some of our future plans:

  • Build nest boxes.
  • Create a self-watering system using rainwater collection.
  • Move old perch so it’s not over top of resting area, so they can’t poop in it.
  • Add additional perch next to window.

We are off to a great start and have fallen in love with raising chickens. My daughter and I just love them so much! They are sweet little birds and just a ton of fun to hold and watch. In case you are interested in our specific chicken breeds, I wrote an introductory post featuring their basic breed types and stats.

No more chicken on the table!

Guess what?! My daughter refuses to eat chicken now! That’s step one in my journey to convince my children they shouldn’t eat meat… Now all I need is a cow, pig and turkey to cross off all the meats from her plate. My daughter is very loving. If she knew what she was eating, she would be deeply hurt.

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