How long do you have to name a baby

How long do you have to name a baby?

Parents are always trying to think of the perfect name for their baby. For some, you know it before you even got pregnant. But what about those who just can’t decide? Can they leave hospital without a name?

Hearty Vegetarian 15 Bean Soup

Hearty Vegetarian 15 Bean Soup

Winter isn’t the only time for hearty soups and fresh baked bread… Springtime has a way of teasing those longing for sunshine. You get several days of warm blue skies, followed…

Creating Our Own Backyard Homestead

Creating Our Own Backyard Homestead

My lifelong desire of spontaneously moving far away [out west, down south, to the French Alps, French-speaking Canada, where ever…] in order to begin some fascinating, ambitious career has taken a backseat. I have…

Why I Am Officially a Vegetarian

No More Meat: Why I Am Officially a Vegetarian

If you ask anyone in my family, you will learn that I have always been very picky when it comes to eating meat. I was tortured and mocked many times at the dinner…

How to Prepare Tofu

How to Prepare Tofu to Make It Taste Good

took me 25 years to start cooking with tofu. Before that, I never even tasted it, nor had I ever been in the same room as it! 

How to Know Early Signs of Labor

As a doula, and now as a midwife, I get asked a lot of questions about pregnancy, labor and birth. One of the most frequent questions I am asked is,…

Eating Placenta

Eating Your Own Placenta: The Reasons for and Against

The placenta is a fascinating organ that does so much for the baby. It provides nourishment, oxygen, and removes toxins from their system. Who knew that it could also be eaten

Natural Birth

How to Have a Successful Natural Birth

Natural birth has many benefits for the mother and child. Pain medications can slow down contractions and lead to longer labors, which can also have a domino-effect, causing further medical interventions.

Postpartum Wardrobe

Your Postpartum Wardrobe: When to Buy New Clothes?

So you’ve given birth and it’s time to get back into your regular clothes. But when should you buy new clothes?

Posterior Labors

Posterior Labors – My Baby Is a Pain in the Back!

While many women hear stories of posterior labors, they often don’t realize that a lot of the little aches and pains of late pregnancy can also be a sign of a posterior-positioned baby. Now, this doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your baby or you, but in this lovely dance called pregnancy, one partner is sort of stepping on the other partner’s toes. They don’t mean to hurt you. It’s getting tight in there, and they are looking for the position with the most room.