The Truth About Breastfeeding Twins

We all know someone pushing around a double stroller these days. (Fertility drugs and the rise in the number of older new mommies have increased the potential for conceiving twins…

Bonding with Premature Infants

Bonding with Premature Infants

Bonding with Premature Infants is a difficult process that many parents find themselves in. Most of the time, bonding with these infants takes place by using their senses: hearing, touch and sight. But how does this work for premature infants? How can we bond if they can’t see or hear us?

Bottle Feeding Twins Tips and Tricks

Bottle Feeding Twins: Tips and Tricks

There is so much guilt and mom-shaming surrounding those who can’t or choose not to breastfeed their newborn twins. But there doesn’t have to be.

Facts About Identical Twins

Identical twins are a phenomenon of nature. Yes, we know how they are formed—one egg fertilized by one sperm and then magically the single egg (or zygote) splits into two—but we still don’t know why it happens.

Surviving Third Trimester Twin Pregnancy

If you’re in your third trimester of a twin pregnancy, hang in there! With each day that passes, you’re one day closer to meeting your babies. Unfortunately, the third trimester can be challenging for many moms—it’s often difficult to walk, to sleep, to eat, and yes, even breathe. Thankfully, there are a few ways to make your final weeks a bit more comfortable.

Double the Fun: Fraternal Twin Facts

Fraternal twins are the most common type of twin. They happen when two separate eggs are fertilized by two different sperm cells, and they share an egg sac. The egg sac splits in half early on, so each fetus has its own amniotic fluid and placenta.

Sex in Pregnancy with Twins

Sex in Pregnancy with Twins!

Find out how your sex life might alter if you’re expecting twins. You can learn about sex during each stage of pregnancy, changing libidos, natural induction, and other topics. Is it safe, will an orgism induce preterm labor? Will sex in early pregnancy cause twins? We tackle all these issues below!

Pregnant With Twins Questions to Ask

Pregnant With Twins? 7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor.

When I was pregnant with my twins more than 15 years ago, there weren’t many health guidelines specific to a twin pregnancy. I was confused about how much I should…

How Common is Bed Rest With Twins

Does Bed Rest Prevent Prematurity in Twin Pregnancy?

Does Bed Rest Prevent Prematurity in Twin Pregnancy? Research is inconclusive!

Are All Twin Pregnancies High Risk

Are All Twin Pregnancies High Risk?

Women pregnant with twins have all sorts of questions from “How much weight should I gain?” to “Which prenatal tests should I undergo?” But no question is more complex or confusing than, “Is my twin pregnancy high risk?