Chickens are Friends, Not Food— Look How Our Chicks Have Grown!

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  • Date: November 23, 2021
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Why do people think chickens are NOT meat?

Source: Free from Harm

“You’re a vegetarian. But, you still eat chicken right?” says random meat-eater number 9,999,987,654.
I had often heard about vegetarians ranting about people asking if they ate chicken. I never thought someone would truly ask that question though. Seemed silly.
“No. I don’t eat dead animals. Chickens are animals and I definitely wouldn’t take a bite out of a living one either.”
I was VERY amused when my best friend pulled this stunt on me! I had to crack up laughing because I just couldn’t believe she asked me it after I was certain nobody would ask just a strange question. It was definitely a funny, priceless moment!

Chickens are Friends, Not Food

Chickens are indeed animals… They desire to live, breathe, eat, feel emotions, retain memories and solve problems! If you kill and eat them, they will become meat… and for the record, as a vegetarian, I do not eat them.
Do you see that awesome infographic to the right? It was created by Robert Grillo, the founder and director of Free from Harm, a non profit animal rescue, education and advocacy organization. I stumbled into that while researching the intelligence of chickens. You can click the picture to read his full article and sources.
Chickens have lateralized brains, which allow them to have a greater level of intelligence than previously thought.

We’re taught to think of animals raised for food — if we think of them at all — as an abstract category, “farm animals”— nameless, faceless herds and flocks whose generic characteristics are merely recycled through an endless stream of indistinct entities. —Ashley Capps, writer at Free from Harm

Our Backyard Pet Chickens are 5 Weeks Old Now, Still Incredibly Cute

Without further a do, let me tell you how our chicks are doing!! We have had them for about four weeks now and they seem to be enjoying themselves. They are especially enjoying our recent sunny days, either sunbathing or pecking around our yard. Very soon, we will be transitioning them from their smaller indoor pen to a large outdoor coop where they will be free to roam a much larger area. Each chick is starting to develop their own little unique quirks and personality traits. I love having them around!
Remember how cute they were when we first brought them home? Well they’ve grown a TON in the past four weeks. I’m going to guess that they are around 5 weeks old now. If anyone thinks differently, please let me know in the comments! I forgot to ask how old they were before we brought them home.
Look at their fluffy lil baby butt feathers!

5 of our 7 Chicks

Saphira has always been so graceful, extremely sweet and docile. She stood in that position for quite awhile while all the other chicks were pecking around and exploring. Her first week with us, she was one of two who preferred sleeping in our hands when we held them.

Saphira (Black Jersey Giant)

Our two Isa Browns have grown the fastest by far. They are the ones who always get to perch on the mini ramp/stair case thing my husband made for their temporary chick pen. They like to keep busy, always fluttering around and pecking at everything in sight. They love food the most, probably because they were bred to lay an impossible amount of eggs and then die of reproductive issues early. (Aren’t humans awful? I feel bad for them.)

Daffodil & Dandelion (Isa Brown)

Moon Mist used to be one of the sweetest chicks, but she can sometime be a little more aggressive compared to all of our other chicks. She tries to peck at my hand anytime I reach inside her coop. I think she thinks my hand is food… (Not trying to bring down my chicken-intelligence information above, but I never said they were as smart as humans.) When she’s outside, she is more docile. She often sleeps in mine and my daughter’s arms when we hold her. She’s one of my favorites.

Moon Mist (Light Brahma)

My daughter always has at least one chick perched on her shoulders, head or the back of her neck. She has to have one in her arms at all times too. She loves them!
Look at Moon Mist’s feet. She has fancy feather-covered feet. <

Moon Mist (Light Brahma)

This little girl is the loudest chick we have! She’s super friendly outside, but hold her indoors and she squaks like someone is trying to kill her! In this photo, I caught her curled up, basking in the sunlight.

Rainbow Sparkle (Black Jersey Giant)

If we have any roosters in our flock, I suspect our Silver Lace Wyandotte will be the one. However, I think both the males and females in this breed look similar. Maybe all hens and roosters look similar? I’m new to raising chickens. I will find out in a couple weeks though if she starts crowing!
I love Rogue too. She’s definitely one of my favorites with her super sweet, mothering-type personality. Look how gorgeous she is! She has adorable, fluffy ear tufts too. Her eggs will be smaller and bluish. That’ll be neat to see.

Rogue (Araucana)

Take a look at those feet! Chicken feet are just weird and reptile-y! I’ve noticed that all their nails are getting long and extra sharp.

Rogue’s Feet (Araucana)

Here’s one last picture of Saphira. I am working on super-cool chicken photo shoot sessions. You can see my son learning to walk in shoes in the background!

Saphira (Black Jersey Giant)

Bonus picture of my cat learning to be a farm cat! She was born outside but has spent her entire life indoors. She doesn’t seemed to be phased by the chickens and only seems interested in chewing on grass. I guess that’s good but I know she is a hunter because I once woke up to a skinned mouse before… So I’ll be keeping an eye on her!


That’s it for now! More updates on my growing chicks next time.

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