Coffee Cleanse, Colon Cleanse, Spiritual Cleanse?

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  • Date: November 22, 2021
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What’s with all the cleanses?

Why do people do this shit? Is it a fad? Do people just want to fit in and be cool? Well… I’ll tell ya what. I don’t know why other people do it, but I like change and shaking things up a bit. I generally like all things healthy too. And oddly, the more extreme the challenge, the more likely I am to follow through. I thrive on excitement and adventure for no reason than to temporarily cure my permanent state of restlessness.

Coffee Cleanse

So, my body had a talk with me. It wasn’t happy with my past 1, 2, 3, 4… (How old are my children?) 5+ years of me overdosing on coffee and espresso every single morning. My body said I needed to take a break so I listened. Attempt #1 was a couple months ago, where I quit for like 6 days and decided enough was enough. Now, I’ve been without coffee for over a month? I lost count of the days.

Hardest Part

The first 3-4 days without coffee were miserable. I felt like death: sluggish, depressed, migraine up the wazoo, and angry. I took a bit of tylenol, drank water, and slept a lot to pass by the caffeine withdrawal period. Then, I remerged from the dead and was a person again.
Guess what? I did it. I personally think a lot of the coffee addiction/withdrawal moments are just mentally difficult because you are just too freaking sad about not getting to have your coffee high again. It doesn’t take too long to feel yourself again once the headaches go away. (They will go away.)


I haven’t completely eliminated caffeine, just the wonderful coffee highs for now. Coffee will be apart of my life again. This is just part of my “spiritual cleanse” if you will.

Colon Cleanse

There’s no real reason I’m doing this except for Teami Blends emailed me asking if I’d review their tea. Free high quality tea? YES, PLEASE.
So I’ve been drinking their Teami Colon blend before bed every other day. The total cleanse lasts 30 days. Basically, you drink tea at night and you use the bathroom in the morning. Honestly, there’s nothing really extreme about this at all. I will have a full Teami Blends review published this week.

Spiritual Cleanse

I am finally accomplishing a 2016 resolution that got postponed to my 2017 list: Reiki Level I and II Training. I have a class scheduled with a local reiki master on July 11! Then, I will officially be able to give reiki healing sessions. How cool is that?

I take things seriously and therefore a “spiritual cleanse”.

Maybe spiritual cleanse is the wrong term, but it’s highly romantic and I like it. Here’s what I am doing in terms of purifying my body and soul…
⇒ No coffee. Lots of water.
⇒ No alcohol. Well, minimal alcohol. I pretty much lost my appetite for it a few weeks ago, ever since I knew I was going to learn reiki. I attempted drinking a margarita recently and only got down a couple sips, so I think I’m pretty serious on this one. We shall see. Definitely none in the days leading up to the attunement.
⇒ No meat. (That’s a real recommendation for reiki preparation. Obviously, I’m vegetarian anyway.)
⇒ I will eliminate dairy completely for about a week before the actual Reiki attunement. Dairy makes you feel heavy and I want to 100% experience this energy.
⇒ I started running… I ran 7 miles this week with my husband. No big deal. All it takes to start running after 5 years of no exercise is a nice new pair of running shoes. I bought these mint green babies. –>
⇒ More concentrated meditation. I try to meditate in some fashion every night, but I’ve been making sure to add frequent deeper sessions though.
⇒ Breathe during intense emotions and observe the energy/sensations/rushes as best as possible from a bystander’s perspective (sort of).
[For instance, on those days when your boss asks you why you aren’t at work an hour after your start time because he added you to the work schedule on your days off and never bothered to tell you and you still have to get one kid on the school bus and another to the babysitters because there was no time to make arrangements… and you had four days off in a row for someone to tell you that you were supposed to work and it should have already been on the schedule because this was a vacation day planned four months in advance. Breathe, girl, breathe. These are great moments to practice mindfulness.]

Why Learn Reiki?

I love the idea of energy healing. I hope to be able to make a routine of giving reiki healing treatments to my husband and children for optimal physical, mental and spiritual health.

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