Curry Soup with Lotus Foods Organic Mekong Flower Brown Rice

  • By: Sandra
  • Date: March 18, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Slowly but surely I’m learning to become an excellent cook. My main focus right now is Indian Cuisine and I’m perfecting seasoning combinations and naan baking slowly thanks to my Vegan Richa cookbook and blogger’s like A Virtual Vegan who help inspire recipes like the one I am sharing with you this evening.
This week, thanks to Lotus Foods and the Meatless Monday movement, I received a free Lotus Food bundle with the goal of creating something extraordinarily delicious to share with you. AND — Guess what?! I did it. Even though it took two tries, I succeeded with this curry soup recipe featuring Lotus Food’s Organic Mekong Flower Brown Rice.
My newest addiction is curry soup and this Mekong flower brown rice made it more wholesome with the perfect mildly nutty flavor and slightly crunchy texture. I’m not sure I can resort to instant rice ever again after eating quality cooked rice! If you don’t think there are different qualities of rice, definitely try any one of Lotus Foods varieties and compare it to the instant rice of your choice.
This curry soup has the perfect, light & healthy vegetable curry broth that will definitely leave you craving more. I always make double the amount of soup so there are leftovers for the next day. The leftovers almost always taste better than the first time around because the flavors have more time to blend and perform magical flavor burst spells. Seriously.
On a side note: Please forgive my yellow toned food pictures. When I cook dinner after dark… after like 5pm, I default to snapping a quick picture of my food inside instead of outdoors in natural light. I’m working to improve my photo quality. I’ll be setting up a small light box in my office soon, but priorities first —parenting. food. water. baths. Then light box. When I’m rich or raise X amount of dollars, I will invest in a solid camera. For now, all photo props go to my iPhone. <3
Enjoy the recipe.