Diapers.com — My Gateway Drug into the Online Shopping World

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 22, 2021
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What is Diapers.com?

Diapers.com is a truly comprehensive online source for all parenting needs. It is owned by Quidsi, which is a subsidiary of Amazon. If you LOVE Amazon like I do (when I’m not delivering their packages), you will most certainly LOVE diapers.com. Why? Superior customer service. Period.
Also, you get access to both Diapers.com AND Amazon.com customer reviews for every product listed on the website. That’s a huge bonus for those addicted to shopping around for the best deal at every purchase. (My husband still refuses to go shampoo shopping with me… That’s like an all day affair!)

Funny thing >>>

Diapers.com was like my “gateway drug” into the online shopping world. Before my first baby, I really wanted to use cloth diapers and couldn’t find any high quality brands in my local stores. So, I searched the internet and ultimately landed on Diapers.com, which was perfect for price checking and brand comparison research. I ultimately ended up buying gDiapers in bulk, Rockin’ Green laundry detergent, Fenugreek (to boost breastfeeding goals) and a couple wet bags to kick off the cloth diapering/baby journey. Before then, I hadn’t really purchased anything online… Now, it’s a bad, bad addiction!!

One of my first Diapers.com orders… 

Best part >>>

They still offer the 15% off coupon that I used as a first time customer. If you are buying your first stash of cloth diapers, that’s a significant discount! Just use code: MXNE9597

New Customers Only. Restrictions apply.

use code: MXNE9597
Catalogue Goes beyond Diapers

Diapers.com sells far more items that just diapers. I initially found the website out of my passion for finding the perfect cloth diaper, but they have literally everything you could ever need to buy as a parent.
Check it out:

  • Diapering supplies
  • Breastfeeding supplies
  • Formula, baby food, and toddler snacks
  • Infant, toddler, children and maternity clothing
  • Pregnancy support items like pregnancy tests, support bras, pillows, and books
  • Vitamins and health care items
  • Babyproofing and safety supplies
  • Nursery and decor including furniture
  • Toys, arts and crafts, and travel games
  • Carseats, strollers, baby carriers, highchairs, and more!

You can even buy regular shampoo and conditioner from them. Their product list is never-ending, having both popular and specialty brands. My favorite part is that they emphasize products that are natural, organic and high quality by using a special green leaf icon.
You can visit the Natural & Organic Standard page to learn more information.

Shopping Guides

If you need help searching for the best prenatal vitamins or pregnancy tests, Diapers.com has you covered. They work very hard to put together different types of guides to help you buy exactly what you desire in a specific product or brand. They even offer gift guides for mom.
So, if you’re in need of baby supplies, visit Diapers.com and don’t forget to use code: MXNE9597 for 15% off your first purchase.
*Disclosure: Mommy & Love received free product in exchange for sharing an honest opinion of Diapers.com. 

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