Epic Fort Building — Absolute Best Family Activity for Fall

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Fall is the perfect time to be outside in the woods. Mosquitos have died down and the cooler, less humid weather makes the experience perfect.
One of my absolute favorite things to do outside is to build forts. If life allowed it, I could literally build and design one fort non-stop for days on end! No one has ever outlasted me… which has always saddened me because I’d be the one dragged out of the woods… or left alone. I just like creating a simple, yet intricate fort filled with magic potions, pretend food and the whole works! It’s the best activity to experience nature and expand your imagination.
So, of course, I shared the experience with my children and this post features all of our creations!

Day 1 of Fort Building

Main Living Area – Building a Wall with Scrap Bark & Sticks
Building a Sandbox for the Activity Room
Amelia, The Main Door, Kitchen (Tire Area), and Room Behind Kitchen
Front Entrance – Huge Progress

Day 2

Small Kitchen Area with Tire Storage Unit to Hold All of Our Acorn & Helicopter Seed Food, Rocks for Decoration
Separate Bedroom or Storage Area

Fort Friends Who Like to Visit

Felix the Cat & Chickens
“D” the Toad Lives in the Mud Inside Our Tire Chair
Oliver and D
Buckwheat & Rammstein, the Sheep, Eat Grass & Leaves Behind Our Fort

Day 3

Main Entrance Featuring Oliver in the Monkey Hanging Area
Close Up of Monkey Swinging Boy in Action


Day 4

Huge Teepee Room Addition. To enter, you must swing like a monkey into the room.

And that’s all we have so far! It’s getting pretty fancy. We just hope the main frame will hold up throughout rain and upcoming snow storms… We will see. =)

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