Even Coffee Can’t Help Days Like These!

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 16, 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.
Here is the run down of how this oh-so-not-sunny day began for Miss Wonderful Me.
What’s a mama supposed to do?
  • 12:00AM– Baby Fox decided he needed a midnight feeding to officially ease him into a deep sleep. I am in love with nursing him to sleep, I did not mind. 
  • 1:00AM- Insomnia. Everybody has been sleeping for about an hour or two minimum but I am still lying awake.
  • 1:15AM- Miss A decides to stumble into our master bathroom and pee all over the floor because she is too tired to undo her jammies and make it to the potty. I am forced to clean it up and put her back to bed.
  • 1:45AM- I finally fall asleep.
  • 4:30AM- Baby Fox decides he doesn’t want to give mommy a 6-8 hour sleep stretch tonight and wakes up to eat.
  • 5:00AM- I fall back asleep.
  • 6:30AM- Baby Fox wants to eat again.
  • 7:00AM- Miss A wakes up and tries to sneak in my bed. I say, “No. Go sleep in your bed or on the couch.” The baby will most certainly keep her awake if she sleeps with me.
  • 7:30AM- Baby Fox wants to eat again… after one hour? Come on!
  • 8:30AM- Baby Fox cries to have his diaper changed. I may have fed him AGAIN. 
  • 9:30AM-Baby Fox cannot sleep. He does not want to be in his bed. I am positive I fed him again at this time. I lay in bed with two children in my lap, feeling exhausted for an hour.
  • 10:30AM- I do not even want to attempt shower time, getting dressed, and breakfast… But I do it.
  • 11:30AM- I finally start coffee and pour bowls of cereal.
  • 12:30PM– Movie Time… but Miss A doesn’t like the new movie, The Reef, and I can not watch Winnie the Pooh or Pocahontas for the 100th time each. I just cannot do it today. 
  • 1:00PM- Miss A does not want to use the potty because apparently it was clogged. “Mommy, you broke it!” She peed all over the floor, second time today. You have got to be kidding me. She has been potty trained for 8 months! 
Thankfully, my husband did not get forced to work extra on his half day today. He is coming home in a half hour at 2:30pm!! Thank you Jesus. I will be done parenting upon his arrival.
Ha, I wish.
My 10 week old son is definitely going through another growth spurt! He was up often the previous night too for extra feedings. I have to hope that tonight he will sleep for a good amount of time again. As for Miss A, she failed miserably going on the BIG GIRL POTTY today. Dear Lord. Help her get her act together before I lose all of my sanity.

And some people scoff at and belittle stay at home mothers… PLEASE dearest male friends, I would LOVE to see you accomplish these draining tasks. When it gets rough, the coffee hardly helps. It’s all will power baby! =)

Today **AND EVERYDAY** is a day to appreciate the hard work of all mothers around!!

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