Fight Laundry Static with Aluminum Foil

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 23, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

In order to promote the reduction of household chemicals, I am sharing one simple idea to make your laundry room more environmentally-friendly.
If you haven’t already eliminated dryer sheets from your laundry room, I encourage you to do so immediately! Dryer sheets contain many toxic chemicals that are plain, unhealthy for our body and environment. For example, Bounce Dryer Sheets contain the following ingredients: Dipalmethyl Hydroxyethylammoinum, Methosulfate Fatty Acid, Polyester Substrate, Clay and Fragrance (source). These chemicals are dangerous WITHOUT being heated up and we don’t think twice about tossing them into our HOT dryer loads! The noxious concoction spreads all over your clothing and then, penetrates into your skin and bloodstream when you wear it.
I have personally eliminated all mainstream commercial softeners and static reducers from my laundry room. I have found that the only negative impact from ridding dryer sheets is the immense amount of static electricity that is left behind on my clothing. No one likes doing laundry, period… But it’s especially unenjoyable when you are trying to separate ruthless pieces of fabric clinging together while simultaneously being shocked! I needed to find a solution quick because one more day past a month of caring for extremely staticky laundry was all I needed to quit wearing clothes altogether!
A little bit of research and a couple feet of aluminum foil later, I tested out a quick solution to ridding static electricity from your laundry. Simply, place aluminum foil into your dryer to help discharge the static electricity. No, your dryer will NOT burst into flames. I formed three large balls of foil, tossed it in with my wet clothing, and ran the dryer cycle. With the exception of fleece footie pajamas, the majority of my clothing was indeed significantly less staticky. Problem solved!
BIG HINT: Do NOT place aluminum foil into your laundry load without forming it into a tight ball!
One time, I just threw a large sheet of foil into the dryer, thinking it would help eliminate more static, but instead; I ended up with tiny pieces of foil stuck ALL OVER my clothing! Let me tell you, it was NOT fun finding them inside my sweater and having to pick bits of foil off every single cloth diaper insert. SO, as long as you shape it into a tight ball, you will not have the same problem that I did.
I do a LOT of trial and error! Learn from my mistakes. =)
Another cool side note: If you stop using dryer sheets, you become an important contribution to the global effort on landfill WASTE REDUCTION! The foil can be reused many times over, unlike dryer sheets, where you use one or two per load. When you are done with it, the foil can be recycled.
My cats LOVE playing with the foil balls when they drop onto the floor. It’s an added perk for cats and cat-lovers alike.

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