First Things First: Date Your Spouse

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  • Date: November 22, 2021
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*This post is sponsored by First Things First, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to strengthening families based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
FTF is a resource that collaborates with and is supported by a broad cross-section of community organizations, groups and individuals.
FTF accomplishes it mission through meaningful media messaging and skill building classes.
Did you know:
• 24 million children are growing up in homes without their biological fathers.
• Only 30% of divorces are due to infidelity, addiction or abuse, 70% of divorces are due to couples feeling disconnected.
• Couples who manage to devote time specifically to one another at least once a week are markedly more likely to enjoy high-quality relationships and lower divorce rates, compared to couples who do not devote as much couple time to one another.
• Fathers provide unique benefits to their daughters through their active and positive presence from the time of birth all the way through adulthood.
First Things First asks us to think about the following question.

Why is it when you fall in love dating comes easy, but once you’re married dating your spouse often takes a back seat to everything else?

When you first fall in love, everything is new. There are butterflies and a strong desire to be with your significant other. Your priority is to go on countless dates and spend time getting to know one another. It’s a wonderful beginning to a long lasting relationship! Then, as time passes by and you get married, the dates tend to occur less frequently. You develop other priorities such as child raising, career development, house maintenance, etc. Your intimate relationship takes the back seat. It is important not to let this happen!
My husband and I started dating when we were in high school. Right before Christmas vacation in December 2004, he awkwardly asked me if I’d like to see a movie with him over the break. I said sure and we walked away from each other without exchanging phone numbers! Luckily, he somehow figured out how to find me in the phone book despite not knowing my mom and step dad’s last name… We ended up going on several dates and decided to be official and have the “in-a-relationship” status. We had so much fun dating that first year! We ate at every restaurant, saw every movie, hung out at the drive in, visited each other’s homes, strolled the beach, walked the malls, went to the zoo, carnival, theme park, got ice cream… The list is endless. One of my favorite moments was when he intentionally missed my road on the way home so we could spend more time together. What a romantic guy! :)
Almost ten years later, we have college degrees, a marriage license, careers, a home, two cats, and two babies! We almost never have time to ourselves though due to parenting, crazy work schedules, and social obligations. This is my biggest complaint in our lives right now. We do not have a routine schedule in our family lives thanks to extreme amounts of overtime and conflicting work schedules. When we do happen to have time off together, there is a family event that we must attend. It is hard to be on the same page with one another, especially while raising children! Despite our busy lives, we try to make time for one another after the babies are in bed. We love a nice, classy night eating bread and cheese with a bottle of wine. We equally enjoy a casual movie night with a huge plate of chips and cheese or homemade guacamole to share! Our relationship and overall quality of family life is much better when we get to enjoy relaxing nights like this together.
Dating does not have to be extravagant or expensive. The important thing is that you make time for each other and remember why you got married in the first place.

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