Hot Summer Garden and Lawn Watering Tips

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  • Date: November 23, 2021
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The summer is approaching and the temperatures are even higher than expected. For all the people that head for their summer vacations that sounds terrific but what about all the owners of cute gardens who need to struggle with the hot weather
Maintaining a garden in the right way requires a lot of efforts and devotion, especially in summer, gardeners in Brixton are saying.  It is true that you cannot predict the weather, but you can at least be prepared how to protect your favourite garden. When it does not rain enough, you need to be prepared with other useful strategies that will help you to preserve the garden in an immaculate condition.
Read the following lines for garden and lawn watering tips in summer and be ready to apply them when the hot summer season approaches. Otherwise, the garden will easily get dry and you will need to make a lot of efforts to restore its excellent condition.
Here are some basic moments to consider:
Search for A Plant That Indicates The Drying of The Garden
There is always one or two indicating plants that  a sure sign for the drying of the garden. Once you see that this plant wilts, you will know that the garden needs additional watering.  Take into account the fact that larger leaves need more watering which means that they will be the first ones to lose moisture. They will be the excellent indicator that the garden needs additional watering. Of course, the best case scenario is not to let the pants wilt and to keep watering them consistently in hot and dry summer days.
Try Not To Wet The Plant Leaves 
When watering the garden and you use sprinklers, it is quite difficult not to wet the leaves of the plants. However , what you can do here is water the garden very early in the morning, allowing the leaves to dry earlier. Leaves that stay wet for a longer time create potential environment for many diseases. Another option that you have is to set the sprinkler on a timer that activates before the daybreak.
When To Water The Lawn
Many people think that they can water the lawns, no matter of the time of the day, however, when it comes to hot summer days, things become quite different. The best tactic here is not to water the lawn between 11 a.m and 3 p.m because during that period the temperatures are usually the highest. The best time to water the lawn is from 6 a.m to 10 a.m These are the perfect hours because there is not wind and the lawn can dry during the whole day. Avoid watering the plants at night, because there is a risk of appearing of fungus and mildew that can turn out to be a real problem for your lovely lawn. Watering in the afternoon will only make the water evaporates very quickly and if there is a wind, a great part of the water will also be lost.
These are some of the basic tips to follow when you water your garden and plants in summer. Be careful and make sure that you can provide watering on a regular basis and in the right way. Do not hesitate to experiment and to try some modern tips that will guarantee for the immaculate look of the garden. Enjoy the hot summer day but do not forget to pay attention to the condition of the garden and to water it due to the requirements. You do not have to be a keen gardener to take care of the watering of your piece of garden, as long as you are acquainted with the tips mentioned above.

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