How to Choose a Lawn Mower for Your Backyard

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 23, 2021
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Who likes mowing the lawn?

I do! I do!
Unless of course, I have to use a push mower or I have a notice on my door that states I must mow the lawn by tomorrow or be charged $35. Then it just sucks and I dread it. It instantly becomes tedious, boring and one heck of a workout.
Regardless, many communities enforce ordinances that require you to mow the lawn whether you want to or not. I’ve definitely had my fair share of notices demanding we cut our grass immediately. My husband once mowed the lawn – in the rain – before trick or treating on Halloween night. How lame is that?! Luckily, we moved out of a trailer park and into a rural setting on 4 acres. The upgrade from push mower to hand-me-down lawn tractor was awesome. It’s so much fun now! If we were able to use a lawn tractor on our trailer lot, it would have been a piece of cake!
My point – Choosing the right lawn mower for your yard can make things a whole lot easier and save you time. There are plenty of options and retailers like Tesco who sells electric hover lawn mowers (crazy!) and more types in all price ranges. Here’s a guide to some of the different models available on the market which should help you buy the perfect lawn mower.

Manual hand-push mower

The lowest cost option also remains the most environmentally friendly with no nasty-nasty emissions. It requires little maintenance and its compact size means it can easily be stored. However, it does require brute strength and can be hard work – especially if the grass is longer than one inch. It’s also not very good at getting close to objects such as trees. This means even more work, with hand-trimming required for awkward areas.
(I’ve never used a manual hand-push mower, but for some reason I desperately want to test one out.)

Cordless electric mower

This cordless alternative has a battery kept in the housing of the lawnmower. This makes cutting a little bit easier without having to worry about mowing over the cord or getting tangled in it. They’re also emission free whilst in use but still provide a high performance. There can be some drawbacks including the long recharge time which can almost be one, full day. The battery also adds to the weight of the mower, making it less manoeuvrable and harder to push.

Electric mower

A popular choice for many, these are generally easy to use and quieter than the gas-powered alternative. The cord can be an inconvenience, especially for larger lawns which would require and extension cable. What’s more, these mowers are limited in power by the current which can be drawn from your home. This can affect performance, making it more difficult to cut longer grass.

Gas mower

This is the best performing mowers available with impressive power, reliability and efficiency. They are ideal for larger lawns and long grass. Many now include an electric starter, so none of those rope yanks are needed. These are also the noisiest option and most environmentally UN-friendly. Due to its powerful motor, it’s also worth wearing eye protection as small rocks and other debris can be kicked up. If you regularly service your mower, it will last you for years and years. This can involve oil chances, filter cleaning and blade sharpening. Read how to prepare your lawn mower for winter storage.
Consider all the options, weigh the pros and cons, and you will figure out the lawn mower meant for your yard. Now is a better time than ever to purchase your new tractor as summer is fading away and people are slowly moving their gardening and yard tools into winter storage. So, go get your off season deals!

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