I Found It: The Most Effective, Long-Lasting & Natural Deodorant

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  • Date: November 23, 2021
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Why Natural Deodorant?

It’s trending like crazy with consumers looking to avoid potentially carcinogenic chemicals in their personal care products. We want to use products that contain only safe and natural ingredients. Mainstream deodorants contain ingredients like aluminum chlorohydrate (antiperspirant), parabens and synthetic fragrances, which are surrounded with too much controversy.

We want to know. Do these chemicals pose severe health risks or not? Far too many of us have witnessed loved ones losing their battle to cancer and we rarely understand what caused it.

The uncertainty of exactly how much chemicals our bodies can handle, even in trace amounts, is cause enough to switch to more natural products. Those trace amounts of chemicals can add up to larger numbers when all of our body care products contain questionable ingredients. For example, some studies have linked antiperspirants and parabens to breast cancer. Even though the National Cancer Institute has found inconclusive results, internet rumors and fear drive us towards using less chemically made products and more natural, diy products like natural deodorant.

Does It Work?

Let me tell you, it took me almost an entire YEAR to stumble upon the most effective, long-lasting, natural deodorant. Eleven months to be exact. With that being said, yes natural deodorants CAN work, but many brands never reach the mainstream antiperspirant standards that block sweat and cover body odor.

Funny story. Did you know people make vodka deodorant? It’s essentially just spraying vodka into your pits and hoping for the best!

Aluminum-Free Brands I’ve Tried

Tom’s of Maine: Works okay with multiple applications but it leaves residue and it’s certainly no Dove. If you plan on testing this brand, do NOT buy the lavender scent. It smells atrocious (and I am a huge lover of lavender)! One day, when I get bored, I will retry this brand and test out their Honeysuckle Rose scent. But for now it’s not my favorite.

J.R Watkins Apothecary: This brand works well and comes in a decent aloe & green tea scent. However, I will not buy this product due to the first ingredient being propylene glycol, a petroleum derivative used in antifreeze and deicing solutions.

Local Handmade Deodorants: These can be made with shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax and essential oils. I bought one from a local shop and loved it, but I had to reapply multiple times throughout the day and it left residue on my armpits and clothing. Also, it was $10 for one stick, which is not exactly in my price range.

So what is “the most effective, long-lasting & natural deodorant” out there?

Natural Mineral Salts: The Very Best Alternative!

I hope my long trial and error period of weird smelling, only half-working natural deodorants helps to prove to you how committed I am to completely using only EFFECTIVE environmentally-friendly, safe and natural products!

(FYI: This is NOT a sponsored post!!)

If you are looking for an alternative deodorant, try a crystal deodorant made with natural mineral salts. It is very unique because it only contains ammonium alum, or natural mineral salts. It’s a stone that needs to be moistened prior to application. I bought the Crystal body deodorant stick shown above. Here’s what they have to say about their product, which is recommended by many cancer treatment centers across the United States:

Our products are hypoallergenic, paraben and fragrance free, environmentally friendly, contain no harsh chemicals or dyes and do not contain aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium. Furthermore, Crystal Body Deodorants have a molecular structure that is too large to be absorbed into the pores rendering them completely topical and safe enough for a child.

The best part: It works! 

  • Prevents body odor – even after doing yard work all day in hot, muggy weather!
  • Works all day – apply in the morning to clean, moistened skin.
  • Hypoallergenic – fragrance free
  • Does not burn – even after shaving
  • Retails ~ $6.88 – One stick lasts over a year of daily use – saves you money!
  • Cruelty-free – no animal testing

The only thing I dislike about this crystal deodorant is that it is scentless. I prefer deodorants with a fresh scent, but that isn’t a big enough con for me to stop using it, especially since it is really effective.

The Crystal brand makes several naturally scented roll-on deodorants that work great too, but you will go through them much faster than the stone. If you want to try that, I recommend their lavender and white tea scent. It smells heavenly!

If you buy it, I’m sure you will like it as much as I do. There are also many great reviews on Amazon!

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