If Only You Could Have Seen Me…

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 23, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

It’s been awhile since I simply free-styled my writing and clicked submit. So, that’s what I’m doing today. I’ve been slacking on my usual posts and have instead been sharing guest articles & recipes, a few product reviews, and giveaways. It’s been super busy chez moi because I recently started a new job working for the US Postal Service! I’ve had a couple weeks of training already and so far, so good. I like it. I’ll only be working one day a week, so as soon as training is over, I’ll be getting back to my regular nighttime blogging schedule.

My children are getting so SO big!

Did I mention my 17 month old beautiful-precious-naughty-future-cliff-scaler baby boy decided to start climbing out of his crib and tumbling down? Now he sleeps on a crib mattress in the corner with a gate at the front of his bedroom door. This baby is a handful! I knew I was doomed for chaos since my little girl was such a peaceful baby!!
And what’s even crazier is my little baby girl just turned FOUR years old. FOUR… quatro… quatre.. 4. I can’t believe how big she is getting. We anticipate her starting preschool in the fall. SCHOOL. ALREADY. Holy smokes!

Life on the farm…

The cats are good. The dog’s good. The chickens are good. The lambs are good. 🙂 Everyone’s growing well and living their healthy little lives. The garden vegetables are growing painfully slowly while the weeds (of course) are shooting up like none other.
We started using the chicken tractor to move the lambs around the yard. (Because we don’t have any grass that needs mowing!) If you look closely, you should be able to see a tiny door on the dome. It’s pretty challenging to get our lambs in and out of there so we decided to move them into the dog pen instead. They are in need of fresh grass since they’ve pretty much munched up all the grass in their pen. Soon we will be adding on another 100 ft of fencing. We already have all the supplies, we just need to find the time and energy!
You know what’s fun? Moving sheep from one area to another. When I say move, I don’t mean we casually walked them with a leash and harness. We had to capture them, hoist them up in our arms like a baby and physically carry them to the new destination. The harness we bought doesn’t fit, so we need to make or find a new one so we can start on their harness training.

Funny Story: If only you could have seen me…

The weather this week has been a little absurd. One moment the skies are clear. The next the skies are viciously booming and lightning!
So, I said I moved the lambs into the dog pen. Right? Right. Well, I decided to leave them out all night long because they were just loving all the fresh grass. …Of course I didn’t check the weather forecast before making that decision, but the skies were clear so I assumed they’d be just fine sleeping under the stars.
After about an hour after I decided to go to bed, the sky started thundering. My room stayed all lit up from the constant lightning flashes. And then it started to rain.
Damn it.
My poor babies were stuck outside with no shelter! OF COURSE, my husband was working his third shift at the police station so it was up to me to figure out a solution. I quickly checked the forecast and it showed storms throughout the entire night. I would have never been able to sleep if I left them out in the storm. I’d have laid there in anxiety all night long. And it didn’t appear that the storm would let up soon. The last thing we needed was another traumatic loss. Aren’t sheep always getting struck by lightning in the mountains?
I threw on a jacket over my pajamas and went outside. It was pouring! I ran to the barn, turned on the lights, and grabbed some grain. I ran back to the dog pen, coaxed one of the lambs near me and snatched him up. I ran him 150ft back to the barn and returned for the second one. They were FILLED with grass from grazing all day long. I could feel their bellies gurgling against my body. I must have been holding one of my arms too close to their throats or something because they kept burping and swallowing loudly as I jogged them back to the barn. Thank god they didn’t vomit on me!!
The image of me running in a thunder and lightning storm carrying the sheep just cracks me up. Plus, in between the lightning flashes it was pitch dark! I can only imagine what people would have thought if they had seen me!
After all the excitement, I went back to bed and then the power decided to go out for three hours. Luckily it was after I moved the sheep! Then, I only had to deal with my scaredy-cat dog who was literally shaking in fear and my 1000 oz freezer supply of breastmilk going bad.
Eventful night to say the least.

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