Irresistible Baby Silkie Chicks on their First Photoshoot

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

What’s cuter? Baby chicks or kittens?

Before owning chickens, I would have said kittens. No doubt. But now, you will see that baby chickens totally and completely reach that high level of i-wanna-squeeze-you cuteness!
Don’t blame me if you go out and start your own Silkie flock now.

Meet our new babies.

They make a lovely addition to our farm family!
Just an FYI: We do realize you cannot sex Silkies at one week old. We are just incapable of picking masculine names and always end up adding a Mr. to any chick that ends up crowing!  =) I am, however,  going to guess that Star Light is a cockerel though… Just for fun!

Star Light — Minky — Frenchie
Frenchie (left), Star Light (back middle), Minky (right)
“Ready, chicks?”
“Let’s go!”
“I’m too sexy for this Deere… Too sexy for this Deere.”
“I just wanna play. I won’t hurt ’em. Just let me lick ’em.” — Tarot, the dog.
“I don’t know about this Frenchie… Do you think it bites?”


“You smell like chicken…” — Felix, the cat
I can’t help but fall in love with this picture every time I see it…

Aren’t these one week old Silkies the cutest things ever?! I just love how little chicks will sleep peacefully in your hand. I love them being little, but I am also excited to watch them grow into large poof balls! I’ll be in touch with their adult photoshoot… 🙂

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