Jungle Roo Cloth Diapers Review

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 21, 2021
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My baby boy is almost 1.5 years old already! Crazy how time flies…  I’m proud to announce that we have still been using our cloth diapers when they’re clean! Though, hopefully, he will be in big boy undies by next summer, if not earlier… A mama can dream.Jungle Roo Cloth Diaper Review | www.mommyandlove.com

*Note: I received one free pocket cloth diaper and insert in exchange for an honest review. If you choose to purchase one of their diapers, I will not be compensated in any additional way.

But alas, we don’t want to wish our precious mama/daddy/baby moments away, so we will just have to settle on admiring our cloth diaper stash. Normally, we have him in gDiapers (hybrid diaper with cover + liner + insert) and a few handmade diapers (diaper cover + insert). Now, thanks to Jungle Roo Cloth Diapers, we have a new type of diaper to add to the pile!

Jungle Roo Cloth Diapers is a “work at home mom” company that specializes in TPU pocket diapers, wet bags and microfiber inserts. They offer one type of fitted handmade diaper as well. Each diaper comes in a super cute with a fun design for those wanting style with eco-friendly.

Pocket Diaper Details

  • One Size Pocket diaper with a modern design
  • Soft and Stretchy fabric provides a comfortable fit for baby
  • Snap closure for quick and easy diaper changes
  • Waterproof, yet breathable outer fabric (TPU) is both soft and durable
  • Super Soft fleece inside
  • One 3-layer microfiber insert included with every diaper
  • Wash on warm or hot, tumble dry low
  • One size fits 9-30lbs.
  • Leg Gussets

Jungle Roo Cloth Diaper Review | www.mommyandlove.com

Pocket diapers are convenient for babysitters and people without cloth diaper experience.

I’ve never used a pocket diaper before but they are especially nice for introducing family and friends to cloth diapers. Simply stuff each cloth diaper with one insert and you have several that are ready to use just like disposables. Instead of having the cloth insert touching the baby’s skin, they are slipped between a soft layer and the waterproof cover.

Do they work?

Of course they work! The Jungle Roo Cloth Diapers fit snug just like our other cloth diapers and hold in liquid and solid waste quite well. Like most cloth diaper inserts, you must prep them by washing the inserts 3-4x prior to using so they can retain maximum absorbency. That’s especially easy if you already have a diaper stash. You just throw the new inserts into each dirty diaper load a few times before starting to use them.

My favorite things about the Jungle Roo cloth diapers are the one size fits all feature. They have several snaps, making it easily fit babies at any stage. I also LOVE the fleece interior. It’s by far the coziest diaper in my stash. These diapers would especially be great in winter because they are so soft and snuggly. (Yes, I said these diapers are snuggly.)

I just LOVE my son in cloth diapers. He’s the CUTEST. <3

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