Meat Cravings? Honesty from a New Vegetarian

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  • Date: November 23, 2021
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It’s been 225 days, or 7 months & 2 weeks, since I last ate meat. Woah— How crazy is that?! I never thought I could actually become a vegetarian and last for this long! I have tried over and over to eat meatless with minimal success, typically failing after only a day or two of trying. So, I am very happy with my success!
So I’m sure you are all dying to know. Do I miss meat? Do I have cravings? Have I snuck meat when nobody was looking?

Here’s the truth.

No, I do not miss meat.

I never loved it in the first place so it wasn’t hard giving it up. It was more a matter of figuring out how and what to cook in replace of meat, and then, spending extra time preparing the meals.

No, I do not crave meat.

However, for the first couple months of this transition, I did have some cravings. I simply did not know how to eat when I was at someone’s house or at a restaurant for dinner. I never truly craved the meat served, but I was often very hungry and unable to find meatless, even chicken-broth-less options. I often found myself eating a piece of bread and/or a plain salad. At that point in time, I had eaten meat less than a couple weeks or months ago, so of course, I was going to look at the meat and think about eating it. It was definitely an adjustment period.
Now, I simply attend dinner gatherings without planning on actually eating there. Rude? I don’t know. I have a small snack before leaving home and then at the dinner, I will eat anything meatless. No complaints, no fuss. If I plan on not being able to eat at the meal, I cannot get my hopes up and wind up disappointed. Most importantly, I don’t crave the meat that is served anymore, even if I am hungry. When I get home, I’ll cook my own dinner if need be.

No, I do not sneak meat.

That’s just silly. In the past 225 days, I have had one spoonful of a vegetable soup containing chicken broth. It was a trick… or my poor skim reading skills while scanning ingredient lists at the grocery store. However, I do consume one meat-item regularly. Gelatin. I swear that crap is in every single non-homemade item ever created! If I see it on the ingredient list, I will not buy it. I try not to consume it but it’s just extremely difficult to avoid. Irritating!

Past Meat Cravings & Indulgences

I am a pretty strict vegetarian now but I used to eat all sorts of pork, beef, chicken and turkey. I would typically eat up the meat quickly so I could get it out of the way and enjoy the rest of my meal. However, I will be honest and tell you that, in the past, I did have some meat cravings that I indulged in.

Bacon & Sausage

These were essentially the only two types of meat I could eat without overly thinking about the actual animal. I’m a huge fan of all breakfast foods because they are easy to make and delicious. I thought I was going to miss eating these, especially in the presence of other people eating it, but it turns out that I am disgusted by the idea of it now. I have healthier plant-based alternatives if I feel the need to eat something that resembles these very unhealthy meat options; faux bacon and maple sausage patties. They are actually quite tasty, even my meat-eating husband enjoys them.
(It’s kinda funny that my husband used to be referred to as “dearest hubby” or “wonderful husband” and now he’s been demoted to “meat-eating husband”. Ha!)

Polish Sausage

I always used to eat polish sausages topped with onions and peppers when browsing the local flea market or at home on a sunny day. This will be my first summer learning how to enjoy grilled vegetarian food. I was thinking I’d be really bummed out when my husband cooks his grilled meat throughout the summer, but at the downtown farmer’s market, they serve delicious vegan sausages with deluxe toppings. If I can find out where to buy those or make my own version, my taste buds won’t be missing a thing! Those taste amazing (and better) anyways because they are often packed with both exotic fruits (hints of apple, etc) and vegetables with traditional smoked flavorings as well. However, I won’t enjoy meals at family grill outs unless I bring my own food… (I don’t want to be that person though.) So either a plain preservative-packed hot dog bun and a pickle or go food-less for the conversations.

Barbecue Pork Ribs

I had a 2-3 year long desire to eat baby back ribs. And then, I ate too many and was forever disgusted. Never again. It makes my stomach sick just thinking about it.

Any Questions?

My vegetarianism has led me to research more of the vegan lifestyle as well. If I don’t want to consume meat, I shouldn’t be using other products such as leather or goose down blankets. My overall reason for going meatless is because I don’t want to support animal cruelty (death) if it’s not necessary for my health and nutrition. So, I’ll be promoting and exploring vegan lifestyle topics on this blog as well.
Does anyone have any questions regarding my new life transformation? Questions on vegetarianism diets, life without meat, future plans, something completely unrelated? Ask in the comments below!

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