Meet Our New Kitten + Enter to Win $100 Paypal Cash — Ends 11/30 (WW)

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Well – it’s been awhile since we’ve had a kitten in our home! I wanted to wait until my birthday in December to adopt a new fluffy cat, but one came right to my doorstep in need of a loving home right away… So I couldn’t resist.

Meet Cheeto Eduardo Giglio

Nice ring to it, huh? His name went from Pancakes to Teddy to Eddy to Cheeto Eduardo Giglio and it stuck. We just call him Cheeto.
New Kitten –

Quick sad story

This poor little five-six-seven-ish week old kitty was just gonna to be tossed into the woods because of a series of unfortunate and irresponsible events. One of my neighbor’s cats had a litter of kittens because they didn’t spay their cat. They didn’t want more cats, so they gave this kitten to my other neighbor’s kids. These kids have a dog who already killed a kitten. Their parents told them to throw it in the woods. They knocked on my door and said they were abandoning it if I didn’t take him. Obviously, no matter what, I would have taken this kitten even if I hadn’t already planned on getting a new cat.

New Kitten –
Cheeto fits in quite well and the kids absolutely love him. He’s so spoiled!
Meet Cheeto + Win $100 Paypal Cash –
Meet Cheeto + Win $100 Paypal Cash –
Even my hubby, who probably wouldn’t have a cat if it wasn’t for me, spoils him. Aren’t they just super cute? (He will hate me for posting the pic below, but oh well.) The kitten looks SO tiny!
Meet Cheeto + Win $100 Paypal Cash –
His favorite spot is all snuggled up and warm underneath the covers in my bed. Perfect right? Perfect for a lonely wife who’s husband works night shift. I found a new cuddle buddy… Truth be told, this kitten sleeps with me every night even when my husband is home! 🙂
Little Kitten + Win $100 PP Cash –
Now please enjoy the giveaway!!

Enter to Win $100 Paypal Cash

$100 Pp Giveaway + Kitten Pics –
A group of us bloggers gathered together to be able to offer one lucky winner $100 in Paypal Cash. It’s a great kick off to the holiday season. Don’t ya think November 1 is a good day to start the holiday season? Put that $100 cash towards some Christmas shopping or just splurge on whatever your little heart desires!

  • Giveaway to open to the world, but the prize will be 100 US dollars.
  • Runs 11/1 – 11/30
  • Winner will be pulled 12/1
  • Winner MUST have a Paypal account to accept prize.

Good luck everyone!

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