Most Effective Fruit Fly Trap

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 23, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Have you ever had a fruit fly problem in your home? If so, you know how annoyingly fast these tiny creatures reproduce. They love to lay their eggs in fermented fruit so all of your non-refrigerated produce is in danger! I don’t know about you, but I love to display my fruits and vegetables in cute baskets on the kitchen counters. It gives a sense of homeyness and comfort… and encourages healthy snacking.  Anyways, I am not okay with sharing my freshly grown or farmer’s market quality produce with pests. I think my new vegetarian diet is environmentally friendly enough that I don’t have to save the fruit flies too.
We have dealt with two fruit fly infestations so far. The first time was extremely irritating and was caused by our inability to keep up on washing the dishes. We did not have a dishwasher and sucked at cleaning them ourselves. So, our punishment was a fruit fly infestation. My husband (fiance at the time) searched all over the internet to find a solution and came up with some weird bottle contraption. We filled a bottle with apple cider vinegar and covered it with plastic wrap that contained small holes. The goal was for the fruit flies to fly in but not to be able to fly back out. It worked but it took a long time to trap them. It seemed to be ineffective at times because the fruit flies would just sit on the plastic wrap and not go inside.
Our second fruit fly infestation occurred this past couple of weeks thanks to a poor quality garbage disposal and baby food that continuously splatters all over our floor and chairs. We set up the bottle contraption again and we trapped approximately zero fruit flies.  It failed entirely. The fruit flies just sat on the bottle and stared at us like we were stupid. It was time to find a new solution. Luckily the new solution was extremely effective.
Simple Instructions for the Most Effective Fruit Fly Trap
1. Put roughly 1 tbsp of dish soap in a small container.
2. Fill container with apple cider vinegar.
3. Place container in a place desired by the fruit flies.
That’s it!! The fruit flies are drawn to the apple cider vinegar and the dish soap makes it so they do not fly back out. I also had fun catching fruit flies by hand and throwing them in the bowl… You can do that too to speed up the process of ridding those pests!
Good luck.

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