Mothers, Invest in a Forehead Thermometer (You won’t regret it.)

  • By: Monica
  • Date: December 19, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

How many times have we experienced this?

Two fussy children.
They’re showing signs of a fever and you need to check their temperature. If symptoms were bad enough, maybe you called the on-call nurse and they are requesting a temperature reading.
You run over and grab that traditional under-the-tongue thermometer and pray it won’t take the usual ten minutes for your children to sit still enough to capture an accurate reading.
They’re extra wiggly and sobbing at this point because they don’t feel good.
The two year old child can’t stand the thermometer being in his mouth and starts gagging. The five year old child insists on holding it all by herself… but she won’t keep it under her tongue long enough for the thermometer to process the reading. It just beeps and displays error codes.
Oh and we forgot all about trying to sterilize the thermometer in between each child’s readings…

There is a better solution.

We’ve all watched our pediatrician perform a quick, forehead thermometer swipe during wellbeing checkups, right?
How many times did you stare in awe at how fast they could check their temperature? It didn’t matter if the child was happily bouncing around or throwing a screaming temper tantrum. They got that reading.
I know, it always amazes me too. Ask my husband how many times I told him we needed to get a forehead thermometer. (Every appointment for the past five years…)

Then Vive Health appeared in my life.

Cheesy way to introduce a great company that sells a premium line of durable medical equipment, digital measuring devices, and podiatrist-designed specialty orthotics?
But they showed me a forehead thermometer that was even better than what the pediatrician used. And Vive Health came into my life before the start of the cold and flu season! I am beyond prepared for future body temperature spikes this winter. I’m also pretty excited about not having to dig through my stash of thermometers that all provide different readings…

It’s called the Vive Precision Forehead Thermometer.

This is a digital forehead thermometer that provides an accurate temperature reading in just one second without touching your child’s body! Think about all the previous times you’ve tried to use an armpit, under-the-tongue, rectal or ear thermometer. You will no longer have to fight for the results.
Read the product description:

The Vive Precision forehead thermometer is an extremely accurate, fast-reading device that promotes comfort and hygiene with its contact-free, non-invasive design. Activate the thermometer, place it close to your forehead, and have your temperature instantly displayed on a luminous blue LCD screen. Each forehead thermometer has been rigorously tested for guaranteed accuracy. It features a twenty reading memory and displays temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Protected by a one-year warranty.

Pretty cool right?
It’s the little things in life that matter.

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