My Dream Life

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 23, 2021
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I’m taking a moment today to set aside all my blog priorities and write purely for myself. I have a heavy list of projects but they will fit in better at a later time.

Take note though, that Mommy & Love will be hosting a luxurious Era Organics mama/baby giveaway very soon, sharing two homemade sauces (white cashew & simple curry) for Modern Table Mixed Lentil Pasta, and establishing a blogger resource corner for mom bloggers to reference. Oh and did I also mention I am working on a guide to vegetarianism for email subscribers??! Each project is between 20-35% complete. I have work to do! 

Anyways, instead of making myself feel guilty for skipping those projects today, I wanted to share some thoughts on how I really wish I could live. This will be like those conversations you have when dreaming about winning the lottery, except I’m trying to set limits to keep the dream actually attainable.

My Dream Life

Bye-Bye Beautiful Great Lakes, Hello Southern France

Gordes, France (Monts de Vaucluse)

In a dream world, I’d make the move back to France. I’ll pay extreme taxes in exchange for social benefits. (Let’s not talk their money issues; we have our own too.) The French have high standards when it comes to healthy living.

I don’t need much…

I lived with a French girl in a studio apartment in Lille for four months while in college. The total living space was maybe 400sq feet. We shared a fold out couch bed and had a small table, 4 collapsable chairs, a toaster oven, mini fridge, sink and bathroom. That worked well. Put a family in there it might be difficult. However, I’m good at coming up solutions. Donate all five hundred billion toys we have and we could easily downsize.

Small cottage + Cats + Chickens + Piano + Books + Internet 

I’d settle for a small cottage in a large city near mountains with my hubby, children, 3 or 4 chickens and a cat. One small family car. Public transportation or bikes would be fine. A computer to connect to the American world. My portable Yamaha keyboard. A few favorite toys for the kids. If we had the space, keep all our books and have a secret library in an attic space!

Urban gardening

I can work with extreme urban, window-sill and kitchen gardening to grow our organic produce. We’ll squeeze in a spot for composting.


American French immersion school for the kids would be awesome, however, regular French public school is good too. I went to a Belgian one and did just fine, despite their more realistic, difficult-to-score-high grading scales.

It’s most important to note that my children would be speaking french… with me!! Baby boy rambling French… How cute would that be? My daughter already chit chats in Spanish… though she gets crazy with that and starts acting silly, speaking spanish in a “chinese-girl-learning-english” style.

As far as jobs…

I can do freelance writing and continue my blog work. I’d love to work part time in a boulangerie francais or in a small coffee shop. But an international company like or would be ideal for financial security. I have no clue what my hubby would choose to do in this dream world.

College professors

If we could ever manage to afford more schooling, we both would choose to become college professors in a heartbeat. We could teach English classes first. Then, more advanced topics of interest. I might choose religion. He might dive into criminal psychology or sociology.

Babysitting has to be addressed. I might just aim for full time online work initially in order to avoid that concern if I couldn’t find a trusted sitter for before and after school care.

Free time

I’d do everything I do now, except we’d be intensively studying the French language. I think more free time would be spent exploring the new city on bike or foot. I would probably attend some type of family community activity each month to help integrate into our new city.

My favorite pastime when I was in Europe was simply grocery shopping. I actually enjoy that now too, even with children. It’s more exciting in a new language and culture though. There’s more to learn and discover and it’s just something you can’t avoid doing. Might as well enjoy it.

Writing. Piano. Parks. Walks. Bike rides. Swimming. Gardening. School activities or local sport clubs for the kids. Not sure if France has sports woven into schools like we do. I’d prefer southern France to enjoy mild winters and only experience snow during ski trips.

A girl can dream

If France isn’t possible, I’ll settle for somewhere right between Seattle and Mount Rainier. That’d be sweet.

Or California. Perhaps, Colorado. Anywhere within an hour or two from the mountains. Some place more progressive in nature. Less conservative.

But for now…

Rural Michigan will have to do.

Remember when I announced we had sheep? Well the picture above shows our current farm scene in Rural Michigan. It looks pretty lovely and grand doesn’t it? I just miss being closer to the city already and I realllly miss Europe.

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