My Ralph Lauren Obsession: Baby Accessories

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

I tend to romanticize baby fashion designers, like Ralph Lauren.
I will never be able to afford buying any of these baby accessories but it doesn’t stop me from browsing the internet or seeking deals at used clothing stores or garage sales. It has got to be okay to romanticize simple silly things like this when your life consists of constant unpleasant matters like pooped diapers and stinky butts! While creating this post alone, I had to stop after three large explosions from my four month old son and my two year old calling me into the bathroom. “I NEED HELP WIPING! I MADE AN ICKY PICKLE.” Okay… “DON’T GET AN ICKY PICKLE ON YOUR FINGER MAMA! THAT’S GROSS.” *Sigh* Back to looking at cute little cashmere teddy bears and fancy floral blankies.

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