Outdoor Spring Cleaning and Tour of Our New Farmhouse

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  • Date: November 23, 2021
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It’s the first week of December and we have already officially begun our spring cleaning! Since we already had a huge snowfall and the snow melted, it feels somewhat like spring. I am dreading this long winter ahead of us because I have so much to look forward to next year. We are so lucky to have found this property! It holds the key to essentially everything we have ever wanted to do once buying a home. We have been brainstorming building projects and yard maintenance chores to accommodate our desired sustainable, homestead-type lifestyle.  Even though the temperatures have been averaging 30 degrees, the sky was bright and sunny! And, therefore, we could not resist getting a head start on the tasks we want to accomplish this spring. The sellers left us piles and piles of wood for burning in the wood furnace and scrap wood for building. It’s very exciting! We decided to build a starter compost pile since every great gardener needs fertile soil in their life, not to mention it is just all around great for the environment. We already filled a container of fruit and vegetable scraps from the kitchen. Tidy Cat litter tubs have an air tight lid, making it a great container to store compostable items in without stinking up your entire house.

Tidy Cats Cat Litter Tub for Composting Fruit and Vegetable Scraps

Wonderful Combination of Egg Shells, Old (1920 ) Crumbled/Burnt Newspaper, Toilet Paper Roll, Coffee Filter with Grinds, Banana Peels, Apple Cores, Mustard Greens, and Peace Lily Trimmings. Scrum-diddly-umptious!

We found several wood pallets lying around and put them to good use! I should have took step by step pictures of us building it, but I didn’t think about until it was too late. We simply nailed together three pallets, added some extra boards to fill in wide gaps, and added two extra supporting boards to hold the two corners together more securely. This is only our initial compost heap. We will need a much bigger area for composting since we will be producing a lot of compostable material.  We have a large lawn to mow with many trees on it that will drop leaves and fruit trees that will inevitably leave behind bad fruit to pick up. In 11 days of living here and heating our home with wood, we have produced a 5 gallon bucket and a half full of wood ash. In the summer, I will have garden clippings and animal waste to mix into the compost as well. By animal waste, I mean we plan on raising chickens and Angora rabbits next year, which means a lot of manure! 😉

Starter Wood Pallet Compost Heap- Sprinkling in a Little Wood Ash

Sellers Left Us Rotten, Frozen Pumpkins to Compost

Stirring Compost Pile

Judging from the pictures, it looks like my husband was doing all the work… I promise I was helping but I needed to take pictures too! See, look at me scooping pears into the wagon.

Here I am!

Wagon of Rotten Pears- We Need to Find a Cheap Wheelbarrow Sooner than Later!

Delicious Compost Pile Filled with Mainly Dead Leaves and Rotten Pears

Now, I will show you some images from around our property that are not displeasing to the eye! The property feature that was the highest on my “want list” while house shopping was a big, red barn. AND NOW WE OWN ONE! Totally cool!

Coolest Original, Red Barn Ever!

Front of Barn

The Sellers Left Us Enough Wood for 1.5 Cold Seasons to Heat Our Home

We are so happy to own land, not only for our own pleasure, but also for our children to run outside and play on! It is so freeing. Miss A has already enjoyed playing outdoors for hours at a time on her new swing set. I was not looking forward to buying a cheap metal swing set so I am happy that our house came with a nice wooden one! I already plan on adding a little playhouse on top by the slide entrance and my husband wants to hang a tire swing up somewhere. I didn’t capture the best picture, but you can still see how much fun this could be!

There’s an Adult Swing, Baby Swing, Tunnel Slide, Large Teeter Totter, Climbing Rope, and Space to Install Monkey Bars

‘ Nature is Wonderful

My husband is so happy to have a place to store his tools for once! We actually have space to work on projects now instead of simply hoping and wishing we did or attempting them in a trailer park or apartment shared lawn and failing. (Tip: Never spray paint outdoors… it doesn’t even work on the calmest days!)

Pole Barn

I look forward to discovering all the different plant species on our property. There is supposed to be several different edible plants, as well as perennial flowers that bloom all throughout the summer. I especially cannot wait to discover what type of apple tree we have. I hope it is a tasty variety that doesn’t need to be cooked or baked to enjoy. However, I thought I was going to have to plant all my fruit trees and berries and wait forever for them to bear fruit. So I am extremely happy with any fruit tree on our property!

Apple Tree

I am pretty sure that all these dark reddish, prickery, vines are blackberry plants. The sellers told us that we will have way more blackberries than we could ever eat. I am up for that challenge! They are everywhere on our lot!!! We also have some raspberries… I think the second picture shows the raspberry vines. I will find out for sure next year!

Blackberry Vines

Raspberry Vines?

I am very excited to be able to have bonfires whenever we want! I will be researching what garbage items are better or equal for burning compared to recycling or sending to a landfill. For now, we are burning cardboard and paper because we had so many moving boxes lying around. I love building fires so I have already made several this past week. I am also happy to be using a wood stove to heat our home too because I get to tend a fire all winter long. How cool is that?! …though, we already set the smoke alarm off twice due to leaving the furnace door open too long. Too much smoke came billowing out. I thought I was over setting off fire alarms since I became a vegetarian and no longer cook bacon… Anyways, I look forward to researching and sharing the health and environmental pros and cons of heating your home with wood too. If we didn’t heat with wood, we would have to default to propane and that’s far too expensive.

Fire Pit

2012 Wood Furnace

We have a total of four outbuildings: the red barn, shed attached to barn, pole barn, and another extra building. The extra building was advertised as a very large playhouse or extra building for storage. I would LOVE to pretty it up and fill it with homemade and homegrown goods to sell.

I’m getting rid of the tire-style garden in the spring. I will be growing vegetables there but in a different set up. That building is the extra outbuilding.

Only Time Will Tell

I didn’t take pictures inside of our house yet because it is still in chaos! We need to hurry up and maintain order so we can start setting up our Christmas decorations! I will, of course, show them to you at that time.
Here is my little princess girl.

Miss A & One of Our Two Kitties, Annabelle

Annabelle Adjusted Well to the Move.

That is all for now. We are very happy to start making wonderful, family fun memories here.
P.S. Off topic but remember how I applied to sell my breastmilk? Well my application has been pre-approved and now I am waiting to get my labs drawn in order to become an officially member of The Mother’s Milk Cooperative! Farming myself out for $1 an ounce. 😉

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