Pregnancy Symptoms Still Here After Miscarriage

  • By: Sandra
  • Date: March 18, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

I had my second miscarriage at five weeks pregnant, one month ago.

I still don’t have much emotion about the whole event. The only problem is that my body is still out of whack. I feel nauseous and tired all the time. I’ve had a couple days where my moods were almost uncontrollable. Yesterday, for example, I was irritated all day for no reason. It is the worst feeling. My poor husband was probably fed up with me. I cried in irritation because gravy spilled over the edge of the bowl in the microwave. Also, because my online job application froze up. I breathed through the emotions but it barely helped. (I’m assuming it’s PMS…?)
I have heard that pregnancy symptoms can remain with you for several weeks after a miscarriage. Though, I have also heard that the ceasing of pregnancy symptoms is a definite sign of a miscarriage. This is causing me confusion, especially since I am still waiting for my regular menstrual cycle to return again. I am wondering if I really did have a miscarriage (like I believe whole heartedly to have had). It sure seemed like a miscarriage with the cramping and passing of tissue. When I told my doctor, he said that I did not need to have a follow up appointment since I miscarried really early at five weeks. I only have to return if I do not get my period and/or I have unusual symptoms like fevers.
If I am still pregnant, I would be devastated because I have drank several times this past month. I honestly don’t think I am still pregnant, but my nausea is tossing me in the dark. I am confused. I am desperately waiting for my period to come… I know this is a complicated issue and that no one can really help because every person goes through a unique experience. SO I WILL RESUME WAITING… for time to tell me what the heck my body is doing.

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