Product Review: Drop of Amber Teething Necklace

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 23, 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

I am honored to be reviewing a handmade Lithuanian Baltic amber teething necklace! The necklace is made from genuine Baltic amber, which is the only type of amber that contains succinic acid, a natural analgesic. This product could not have fallen into my hands at a more perfect time. My (almost) six month old baby boy is currently working on popping two teeth through his little gums. He has been irritable and needy when it comes to nursing lately. His clothing is essentially always drenched in drool. He soaks blankets, toys, and pretty much everything he touches with all of his slobber! ~ Babies are cute huh? Mine is 😉 ~ So what could be better than having him test out the wonderful healing benefits of this teething necklace?!

I stumbled across Aiste via Twitter and discovered her Etsy shop called Drop of Amber. She specializes in designing handmade jewelry and has a unique passion for amber. Her grandfather was a big influence as he was a national amber artist. She was lucky to grow up in a family that was so fond of nature and crafting.  I learned from our conversations that Baltic amber has been used as a natural remedy in Lithuania for centuries. It is prized for its inherent healing properties and natural beauty. My baby has been wearing the necklace on and off for about a week and already appears to be benefiting.

To be honest, when I first learned about these teething necklaces I was not sure how it was supposed to help my baby. I initially thought that the baby was supposed to chew on the amber beads. Aiste informed me that amber is soft and would crumble if munched on. It is not a stone but actual amber, which is made out of fossilized tree resin. She says, “The body’s temperature warms the amber, which releases the healing oils (succinic acid) through the skin and into the bloodstream. It stimulates the thyroid gland to help reduce drooling and soothes red inflamed cheeks.

You can learn all about the history of amber, different types of amber, and how to tell if it is real on her website.

My favorite thing about the teething necklace is how darn cute and stylish my baby boy looks when wearing it! He does not even notice the necklace when it is on him so it does not bother him at all. I love that it is an extra way to soothe his teething pains without the use of over the counter medicine. I am always looking to incorporate more natural remedies and ways of living into my family’s lifestyle.

You can find Aiste on the social media links below. Look through her Etsy shop to see her personalized amber teething necklaces!

Personal Website
Etsy Shop

Please enjoy the photo shoot of Oliver modelling his new teething necklace! I am going to let you all guess and decide for yourself which pictures were taken before and after his feeding time. He’s one little baby who is FULL of personality!

Two last things! If you happened to notice Oliver’s cute little cloth diapers AND loved them, check out my cloth diaper sewing tutorial. They are easy to sew and hold in leaks quite well during the day. =) Also, check out my Osnaburg baby wrap tutorial to make your own wrap for ~$25.00.

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