Sew & Hand-Dye Your Own Woven Baby Wrap for Cheap!

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 22, 2021
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I experienced my first taste of babywearing using a strappy-type carrier with my first born. I loved the idea of going on walks through parks and nature trails with my baby strapped on me. Sadly, I only ended up using it a handful of times. I didn’t know anyone else who wore their baby on the go so I really wasn’t used to the idea. It wasn’t until my second baby that I really started becoming passionate about babywearing. I found a much comfier style of carrier called the Moby Wrap, which is basically a really long piece of stretchy knit fabric that you use to wrap your baby up close to you.
I love to wrap my baby boy up snug against my chest and watch him fall asleep. The wrap cradles my baby and I can just sit there and watch his sweet little peaceful face or go about my business, cleaning up the house, cooking, crafting, whatever I want!

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Mommy & Love | Sew & Hand-Dye Your Own Woven Baby Wrap for Cheap

I am here to tell you that this ancient tradition is so wonderful & beneficial. Bouncy chairs and activity centers just don’t cut it compared to being wrapped up tight next to mama!
My son is almost five months old now and I am ready to upgrade baby carriers! I wanted a non-stretch wrap to be able to hold him in several new carrying positions. The obvious step was to buy a woven wrap. They are nice and sturdy and I have seen dozens of different carrying positions, including positions on the mother’s back. While, the Moby Wrap still works awesome, it was time to experiment in the art of babywearing. Instead of buying a super expensive ($100-200+!) woven wrap, I decided to sew and hand-dye my own non-stretch baby wrap using Osnaburg fabric for cheap! I ended up spending around $25 using coupons at JoAnn Fabrics to buy 5.25 yards of Osnaburg fabric and Tulip fabric dye.

  • 5.25 yards of Osnaburg for a Standard Size 6 wrap.
    • I bought a little over 5 yards because you will need to prewash the fabric to shrink it. Learn more about wrap sizes at Wrap Your Baby.
  • 1 Pack of Tulip Fabric Dye
  • Large Bucket
    • I used a Tidy Cats 35lb cat litter tub!
  • Serger or Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Hot/Boiling Water to dye fabric

This is such an easy project! The longest part is dyeing the fabric, which took about 1.5 hours. The cutting & sewing part literally took less than 30 minutes. I recommend sewing the entire wrap first and then dyeing it in order to have less fabric to dye.


Step 1: Prewash and dry fabric.
Step 2: Cut fabric to your desired width. I cut mine 32″ wide. I would not recommend going shorter than 30″ wide since you want enough fabric to support your baby.
Step 3: (Optional) Taper off the ends of your fabric to make it easier to tie.
Step 4: Serge fabric edges. This takes about 5 minutes! If you don’t have a serger, then you will need to hem it. Osnaburg will unravel if you do not finish the edges.


Step 5: Boil one gallon of water.
Step 6: Add 1/4 cup salt and powdered dye to bucket.
Step 7: Using safety glasses and gloves, add boiling water and mix. The dye & salt dissolve almost instantaneously with the boiling water. (I didn’t use safety gear as recommended… Such a rebel, I know.)
Step 8: Submerge fabric into bucket of dye.
Step 9: Continuously agitate fabric for 15 minutes and then every so often for 45 minutes.
Step 10: Here is the scary part! Dump the entire bucket of dye and fabric into your washing machine.

  • Add detergent.
  • Wash warm.
  • Rinse cold.

My washing machine did not turn blue, I promise! In case you are worried, you can immediately run an empty load wash cycle with bleach when you are done. I did not need to do this.
Step 11: Dry your wrap and then you are ready to start babywearing! Even though the Tulip dye instructions state to dry away from direct heat and sunlight, I left mine out to dry in the sun! It turned out beautifully.
My wrap turned out to be a beautiful, almost natural-looking aqua blue.
This is why you want to sew your own baby wrap! We took a nice family walk to the ice cream shop. Amelia could pedal her little legs off, while mama carried little Fox! (Daddy came along too!)
I’m telling you, babywearing is awesome! If you ever need your baby to fall asleep, wrap them up close and they will pass out in no time at all!

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