Shooting Stars

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 27, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

My husband and I didn’t enjoy as much free time together as we would have liked this past holiday weekend due to conflicting work schedules. I was, however, able to capture one amazing evening with just the children.
One evening for just mama and her babies.

We had the most beautiful time. It was inspirational… spiritual. Definitely one of my top favorite nights of the year.
I started out moseying around the yard, bummed that our perfect start to the weekend would be spent without daddy, who was stuck working a painful 12 hour night shift. The kids were running around the yard trying to catch chickens, carrying around our baby silkies and building them homes, and continuously climbing up and down from the trampoline. They were filled with energy.
We had a large paper recycling heap in our kitchen that needed to be brought to our recycling center. It always takes us a million days past the bin being full before actually returning it. So instead of procrastinating longer, I decided to  carry it out to the fire pit and host a bonfire for the kids.
I quickly had them collecting wood and dragging it to the pit. It’s amazing how much help a two and five year old can be when they want to! In no time, we had a roaring five foot tall fire (because it’s go big or go home) to set our camp chairs around.

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As their energy levels settled, they actually sat in their chairs and watched the fire for minutes at a time!
We waited for the sun to completely set and for the night sky to light up. Mosquitoes started biting our ankles, but no joke, our peppermint essential oil rid them immediately!
We talked about where the sun and moon go when we no longer see them and what makes up the stars. How far away are they and could we ever visit them? I attempted to explain a bit about air and space… and distance, but that’s incomprehensible as it is for educated adults! Oliver kept pointing out airplanes and talking about how there were people in the sky. He said that when he gets big, he wants to fly airplanes by himself. That led to Amelia telling me she wants to be a nurse when she gets big. But not because that’s what her cousin wants to be, but because she wants to make people be healthy so they can live long.
Their little minds fascinate me.
One by one, we started spotting stars. Oliver would count all the ones he could find… 1, 2, 7, 9! All summer long, we’ve been watching the moon change through the phases. That evening turned out to be a new moon, so we were a bit disappointed we were unable to see it rise. But it led to a far more brilliantly shining star set against the black, cloudless sky.
We moved to the trampoline.
All three of us laid under a blanket examining the stars. We all wanted to see a shooting star. Amelia was determined to make a very important wish. Every time we thought we saw one, Oliver would remind us that the slow moving ones were actually airplanes… “with people up in the sky on it”.
Twenty-five to 30 minutes passed and we still hadn’t seen a shooting star yet! I suggested that we needed to wish for one out loud. Maybe if we both asked nicely, we would see one.
Before we finished stating loudly, “We wish to see a…”, a shooting star pierced through the night sky. No joke. Amelia and I jumped and turned our heads towards each other. We both saw the shooting star! She then went on to make her wish.
“I wish to have wings so I can fly.”
Several more minutes passed as we scanned the sky for more shooting stars. “I don’t see any wings yet. Do wishes from shooting stars really come true?”
“Yes they do come true.” I said.
“How do you know? And how come I don’t have wings yet?” she demanded.
“Those kind of wishes come true in your dreams while you are sleeping. When you fall asleep, you will dream you are flying with wings, and it will be real.”
As we kept gazing at the stars, Oliver eventually fell asleep between us and we moved back inside.
It was bedtime.
And you can bet that next morning, when Amelia woke up, she would tell me the story of her wings and how she spent her night flying in the sky with her friend.

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