Soy Candles: Old Factory Candles Review

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  • Date: November 23, 2021
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Would you pay more to burn soy candles? What if the reason was to burn cleaner, non-toxic candles in your home?
A vast majority of commercial candles are made with paraffin wax, a petroleum based product. This has caused controversy on whether or not, even highly refined, food grade paraffin wax is safe to burn.
A 2009 study published by South Carolina State University (SCSU) claims that gas emitted from paraffin candles contains,

undesirable chemicals, such as alkans, alkenes and toluene, all reported to cause harmful effects to humans.

If candles are burned daily or frequently,

inhalation of these dangerous pollutants drifting in the air could contribute to the development of health risks like cancer, common allergies and even asthma.
None of the vegetable-based candles produced toxic chemicals.

Even if you believe it is safe to burn paraffin wax (or are skeptical of all the cancer-causing product studies), it is very hard to determine the purity of the paraffin wax used in creating your preferred candle. Candle manufacturers typically do not label the quality of their candle wax. When they do, they use food grade quality paraffin wax. It is a step in the right direction because less refined paraffin wax contains more impurities and oil, meaning it emits even more toxic chemicals. However,  all paraffin candles still burn faster and produce more carcinogenic soot compared to vegetable-based waxes. There are far too many cheap candles on the market that put consumers at a health risk. So, therefore, it is best to avoid all non-vegetable based candles if you are an avid candle burner.
Soy wax is a popular candle alternative right now. Since it is a vegetable based wax, it is more sustainable, meaning it is from a renewable resource that does not emit harmful chemicals when burned. I happened to stumble upon Old Factory Candles, which claim to be made with natural soy wax. In exchange for an honest review, I received a set of three candles from their “Romance” theme to review for my readers.
Old Factory Candles: Romance Theme
Old Factory Candles are sold on Amazon in a gift set of three, fragrance-themed, two-ounce candles. They are handmade in the USA with soy wax, pure fragrance oils, and cotton paper wicks. Each candle lasts longer than paraffin wax candles (up to 20 hours) because soy wax burns at a lower temperature. They burn very clean, producing little to no soot due to the vegetable based wax and lack of synthetic fragrances and dyes. They have an awesome ability to burn evenly, which makes them appealing to the eye for the full duration of use. They offer 12 different fragrance themes: Fall Harvest, Happy Holidays, Winter Wonderland, Romance, Fresh and Clean, Spa Day, Vacation, Coffee Shop, Man Cave, High as a Kite, New Born Baby, and 50 Shades. You can view their individual fragrances in each theme on Amazon.
When testing the candles, I found the scents to be desirable. Out of the three fragrances (rose petals, dark chocolate, and champagne), my favorite scents are the dark chocolate and champagne. The dark chocolate scent fills a large room very well, whereas the more subtle, champagne scented candle would be better for a smaller room. I am not a huge fan of floral candles, but the rose petal scent is strong and goes well when lit with the dark chocolate candle.
I would recommend these candles for gifting. I received mine in the mail, nicely wrapped with gift wrap and ribbon. I was surprised to see the Amazon order form enclosed in an envelope to “keep your gift a surprise”. That is a simple, but genius idea!
I am hoping to learn more information about the exact percentage of soy wax and any other possible waxes added when their website launches. It is also uncertain whether or not they use GMO-free soybean plants to create their candle wax. Overall, this company gives the appearance of creating a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly product.

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