SpeedZen Subliminal Messages (CDs for Personal Development)

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 23, 2021
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Subliminal Messages

I’m sure you’ve heard of subliminal messages, right?

It’s those hidden sex or money symbols in random product ads like cigarettes, beer or coca cola that trigger an inner urge to purchase something your mind thinks will make you feel good. Perhaps, the “masculine” Dodge Ram icon drawing men in subliminally with a woman’s vagina? (Was that an accident?) It’s also those highly repetitive phrases such as “I need to buy this to be sexy” or “I need this to feel happy” that are hidden by a change in sound frequency and layered into a radio or television advertisement.

Subliminal messages go unnoticed by your conscious mind, while your subconscious mind takes in all the underlying sounds and images.

Personal Development

There’s a far better purpose to subliminal messaging than just a sales boost. You can actually use this technique to improve your own personal development by listening to quality-made CDs that contain hidden positive messages. They work by using positive affirmations and implanting empowering beliefs about what you are capable of achieving to develop better habits that lead you to success in a particular area.

Speedzen Subliminal CDs

Speedzen is an example of a company that creates subliminal CDs to “program yourself for success”. They create meditation CDs with underlying messages that help to increase mental focus, creativity, confidence, positive thinking, etc… There are also CDs for overcoming grief and loss (free download), chakra balancing, inducing lucid dreams, learning languages faster, and stopping nail biting. They currently have 71 different focus areas for personal development. You can view their full list here.

They recommend focusing on one goal at a time to obtain the fastest results. Simply listen to your (60min) CD at least 3x for the first week. Then, listen at least one time each week until you achieve the desired result, usually 4-8weeks.

Speedzen CD & DVD prices range from$16.95-$39.95, but you can also check out free samples on the Speedzen Subliminals Youtube channel. They partner with Zen Melodies to create meditation CDs too. If you suffer from headaches, I recommend listening to this fast tension headache relief meditation. You have to use earphones to get the benefits, but I think it helps a lot.

I have no doubt that subliminal messaging hypnosis works. It’s the same concept as using positive affirmations and regular hypnosis to reach your goals. The more involved and concentrated you are in actually achieving your goal, the faster you obtain them. However, if you lack interest and don’t really care about fulfilling your goal, it makes it harder to achieve it. Seems like common sense, right? Subliminal messaging gives your brain an extra boost or kick to help you make better decisions more often and therefore, reach goals faster.

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