Tarot’s Dog Tricks Featuring Wellness Trufood Treats

  • By: Monica
  • Date: December 19, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Remember how I mentioned that Tarot was getting new doggy treats to taste test in my last review of Kong Dog Toys? Well he tasted them and loved them, of course! He loved them so much he had me film all his dog tricks just so he could feast on them. Be sure to scroll down to view his mini talent show!
Chewy.com sent my pets free Wellness Trufood treats for them to sample. This brand offers both cat and dog superfood snacks packed with wholesome and quality ingredients. All the treats are grain free and baked with coconut oil and chia seeds. The dog treats come in the salmon, coconut oil and spinach flavors. The cat treats are made with chicken, beets and coconut oil.
As a vegetarian, that begs the question: Can our pets sustain healthy lives on vegetarian diets like humans? When we raise domestic pets, we are contributing to the constant slaughter of other sentient beings to keep them alive. It’s a difficult subject, but it needs more research before eliminating meat from their diets. Especially since they are not capable of choosing a moral source of nutrition like humans.
My cats walked around their treats, sniffed them and posed pretty for a picture. Other than that, they refused to even taste them. They are stubborn when it comes to introducing new snacks. My tortoiseshell cat, Raja, prefers to lick our chili bowls clean and occasionally eat popcorn. Annabelle, pictured above, enjoys tuna fish water from the can. Unfortunately, that’s no longer a household snack.
Their treats went to the dog, who thoroughly enjoyed both varieties of Trufood Wellness snacks!
Tarot is getting better and better with his training. Look how great he did posing for this picture?! He didn’t eat the treats set out around him until I commanded him to. What a good dog!

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