Teami Blends Detox Review

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  • Date: November 22, 2021
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*This is a sponsored post, which means I was paid to try Teami Blends and share my experience on Mommy & Love. As always, all opinions are my own. Thanks in advance for reading and sharing.
Hi everyone!
Have you ever heard of Teami Blends? I first saw them plastered throughout my Facebook news feed with their cleverly targeted health nut video ads. Of course, I liked the videos and therefore saw MORE of them. They have the air of a healthy, refreshing and fit lifestyle that I find to be intriguing. I’m always into being healthier, whether it’s in terms of physical, mental or spiritual health. I like to feel good without a crash (sugar, hangover, etc…) Get my drift?
Anyways, I didn’t purchase right away. I just browsed their site a little. Luckily, shortly after discovering this tea brand, I randomly got a message from Liane Meyers at Teami via my Dealspotr ambassador account. I remember thinking, “Hey, I know what this product is all about!” I learned that Teami loves working with Dealspotr influencers and offers unique promo codes to share with fans. Annnnd, she wanted to work with me. Score!
The timing couldn’t have been more perfect either. I had decided to quit drinking coffee maybe a week earlier? I wasn’t shooting for no caffeine, just no more coffee highs while I prep my body for my first reiki attunement. Teami tea was a good choice for something high quality and warm to drink that dual purposed as a mechanism to stave off coffee cravings. Plus, it contains a bit of natural plant energy too.

Teami Blends Detox Tea

Teami Blends Detox Review -
Here’s a quick run down of how the Teami Detox program works. This is a 30 day body detox program. You get two different tea blends: Teami Skinny + Teami Colon. Every morning before breakfast you drink the Teami Skinny blend. Every other night, you drink the Teami Colon blend.
This tea is recommended for those looking to kick off their weight management goals. I am not personally looking to lose weight, but I am looking to cleanse my body from the inside out. Gosh, I even started running to get my blood flowing after 5 years of no routine exercise (*embarrassed*). Anyway, the 30 Day Detox Tea is meant to help you feel better from the inside out by “getting rid of toxins in order for your body to function properly, burn the correct amount of calories and have natural energy levels”.
Here are some major health benefits boasted by Teami Blends.*

  • Boost your metabolism
  • Start burning stored fat
  • Calms muscle spasms and muscle tightness
  • Naturally raise energy levels
  • Detox your internal organs
  • Reduce bloating
  • Improve skin complexion
  • Flush out harsh toxins
  • Fix digestive issues
  • My Experience: Mixed Feelings to Happy Customer

    Teami Skinny

    I was really excited to start drinking tea. So much that I went overboard and drank 3 cups of Teami Skinny for the first 4 days straight… without increasing my water intake. That is a big no no. I felt extremely nauseous to the point I literally thought I was pregnant. (I’M NOT.) Ask my friend who told me to get a pregnancy test. (I DIDN’T.)
    Be sure you are drinking water whenever you drink caffeinated beverages in general. Tea is a diuretic and too much caffeine can cause you to become dehydrated, and then terribly sick. The goal with the Teami Skinny blend is also meant to help you lose weight and reduce bloating, so where I was trying to drink it as a pick me up like coffee or black tea, that was not the point. Perhaps the herbal blend in general can be nauseating when binge drinking like I was?? Not sure, but the nausea goes away with regular water consumption.
    I recommend drinking the Teami Skinny blend in the morning and casually throughout the day if desired as long as you drink water in between cups of tea. It’s just a great idea overall to begin your day with a nice fresh cup of water too. Feels good.
    Taste & Positive Results? The taste is SUPER light, but fairly good all by itself or with honey. No complaints at all on that. I typically drink it plain, but add honey occasionally to change things up. I know to lay off the honey when I start eating it by the spoonful before adding it to my tea… Ha! For real though.
    If you are seriously looking to lose weight and eat healthy, this tea works to curb your appetite. I literally had NO appetite and just ate tinier portions of my healthy meals with complete satisfaction. No joke. I was impressed. I ended up giving the rest of my tea to my husband who is actually looking to lose weight and get his body back into excellent shape for boxing. I want him to reap the benefits.

    Teami Colon

    So while the Teami Skinny does NOT contain a laxative effect, the Teami Colon was created just for that..! I honestly waited almost a full week before trying the tea because I psyched myself out and imagined sitting on the toilet for hours after drinking the tea… NOT THE CASE.
    I read through all the customer reviews and Teami Colon is definitely a gentle colon cleanse. You must follow the directions and steep it only 1-3 minutes. Drink a glass of water beforehand too. I only steep mine for 1.5 minutes total– timed, lol. After you drink the tea, you go to bed, and then wake up to use the bathroom in the morning.
    Taste & Positive Results? Honestly, I really do not like the taste of Teami Colon. It’s not horrible, but it’s not good either. I prefer it plain, because honey only turns it into a sweetened bad taste (worse in my opinion). However, I had my husband taste it and he thinks it just tastes like tea. How refined are his taste buds??! Ha. To be fair, I’ve experimented with a LOT of tea over the years and he only knows one flavor of tea: tea.
    The positive results of Teami Colon are that it actually works to get you to the toilet and remove toxins in your colon and kidneys. It’s nothing serious or out of the ordinary though… You just do your business and continue on with your day. I did steep it too long once, though, and it caused my stomach to cramp up a bit. That was my error. Seriously, steep it like 1 or 2 minutes, remove the bag, and you’ll be fine.

    Teami Contact Information & Deals

    If you’re interested in trying Teami Blends, visit and see what type of tea most meets your current needs. Customer service is beyond extraordinary and they will kindly help you with ANY questions. You can learn more about the Teami Detox 30 Days Pack here.
    Mommy & Love readers get 10% off their entire purchase with promo code

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