The Life of Ola: Remembering Our Light Brahma Chicken

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 23, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

We lost another chicken.
This is our FOURTH chicken we lost prematurely. The first two, Daffodil & Moonmist, were snatched by turkey vultures. Saphira fell sick. And our sweet Ola was involved in a terrible accident at our fault. I cared for her wounds and tried to bring her to optimal health for a solid week. But, her damages were too severe, and she ended up passing away.
I would like to share some pictures of her life on our little hobby farm.
Ola came to us by mere chance. She was a victim of the Easter present tragedy that occurs each Easter when parents decide they want to gift their child a cute bunny or chick. Then, a week or two later, they decide that it actually requires work and money to care for live animals and they don’t want them anymore.
That is exactly how we acquired Ola.
Basically, my mom worked with a lady who’s husband brought home one baby chick and two ducks for their kids. The lady did not approve and could not keep them in a subdivision setting with no thought-out shelter. A different coworker offered to keep the chick and raise her for meat. My mom (non-vegetarian…) immediately rejected because that was just too sad. She ended up keeping her… Until she was able to drive Ola to my house and “sneak” her into my new flock of chickens. I believe the family kept the two ducks until winter and re-homed them to a friend with a barn.
Anyways, I was more than happy to have a GREAT excuse to add another fluffy chick to the flock.
I can’t seem to find any cute baby pictures of Ola, which is weird because I was always taking pictures of them! She was by far the fluffiest chick. I can start with her “teenage” years though. Chickens grow up so fast!
Ola is a light brahma chicken. She is pictured on the left, next to the light brahma rooster. They are mostly white with feathery legs.
She and all her friends excelled at ruining the landscaping in pursuit of the juiciest bugs…
She had sheep friends, including Buckwheat the Shetland Sheep, pictured above.
She didn’t seem to mind the winter, and explored as usual
This is a more recent picture, taken around the first of March 2016.
She spent most nights with her friends in her barn stall chicken coop.
Glamour Shot!
I have to end with this pretty picture again. I wish Ola could have lasted longer here, but at the very least, we were able to extend her life awhile longer. We enjoyed her presence at our home for a year before she passed away.
RIP Ola. We will miss you!

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