The Ultimate Solution for Dirty Children Who Refuse to Bathe

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 22, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Most children will happily jump into the bathtub, so they can splash around and play with their water toys. The problem comes when you attempt to actually wash them.
Anyone else have this problem? If you know my children, you probably know that the responses listed above come directly from my mischievous two year old boy. My girl is great with physically cleansing her hair and body, but this solution for her stinky brother adds great joy to her bath as well.

Refuse to Bathe?

Put on Your Bubble Suit.

Bathing doesn’t have to be so horrible for little anti-soap people. It really doesn’t.
Since I shower with my two kids still, I’m the one constantly trying to motivate them to wash themselves so I don’t have to do it. I swear the moment I look at my son and start to open my mouth, he “runs” from me with a loud NOOO shriek. He can’t get very far… But he still tries.
This led to the creation of Bubble Suits.
Bubble Suits have seriously changed the bathing game. It has led to an overwhelming excitement to actually scrub and lather soap on every part of their body. It’s a miracle cure and is nothing more than creating an imaginary game to prepare them for…
Take off.
Space travel.
Time travel.
Insect invasion.
The day clothing no longer exists…?
Whatever we think of at that exact moment… Our bubble suits are there to protect us and help us fulfill our mission.
We all soap up our loofahs and scramble to lather our body in soap bubbles. It’s important that we do this very fast. Every inch of our body has to be covered in suds.  Amelia knows we are putting on our bubble suits to help keep our bodies healthy. Oliver thinks he’s going to the moon if he gets his on fast enough.

Bathing Will Never Be the Same.

Typically, we put our bubble suits on in the shower. Here, they ended up using our jacuzzi tub for an extreme bubble bath! They literally played with soap for an hour. Perfect photo opportunity.

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