Tilling the Garden – Our 1st Epic Garden!

  • By: Monica
  • Date: December 19, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

It’s Memorial Day weekend!

This is the time of year we pause and remember all the fallen soldiers who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. We honor all of their accomplishments and sacrifices made for our country’s freedom. And though it may never be enough, we thank them deeply.
This weekend also marks the “safe from frost” date for avid Michigan gardeners in zone 5.  I know I’m not alone when I say I’ve been waiting for this specific date since the beginning of March when I first caught the gardening bug and gathered my gardening supplies! Shortly after, I started my tomato and pepper seeds indoors and anxiously waited for the weather to turn warm.
And… it’s here! So, to the garden we go!

Tilling the Garden

I had my mom, three siblings, and grandparents over to help till up our garden area. We started with a cook out, and then, spent 4-5 hours tilling up our 1st Epic Garden!
It was my first time using a rototiller… Here I am learning how to run it.
Apparently front tine tillers are the hardest to use. I haven’t used anything else, but I definitely agree that it was hard work. I had to constantly pull all my body weight backwards to keep the tines down in the dirt. Otherwise, it would just roll over the grass without breaking up the ground.
On the sidelines, we had cute baby boy cheering us on while enjoying his first popsicle!
I could have taken hundreds of pictures of him…
My daughter helped on and off throughout the day too by picking up clumps of grass and putting it in the wheelbarrow. She also liked just laying in the dirt while everyone else worked!
After we finished, we took some glamor shots… covered in dirt and all!
Our finished garden area is about 100′ length by 25′ width. Look at our dirty feet!

This is how dirty my feet are going to be all summer long. On a positive note, I hear that getting your hands and feet in the dirt helps combat depression and boosts your overall mental wellbeing.
We still have a ton of raking to do in order to finish the prep work for our garden. Unfortunately, the forecast shows rain for the next few days… I just hope the grass and weeds don’t regrow too much before we get to planting seeds…
Since, the nighttime temperatures were still near freezing temperatures a few days ago, I don’t mind waiting a bit longer to start sowing seeds. I’d rather be safe than sorry and have to replant my garden several times!
So, more to come after the next sunshiny day!
Happy Memorial Day.

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