Vegetarian Breakfast Pizza

  • By: Sandra
  • Date: March 18, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

BIG NEWS: Our youngest spring chickens started laying eggs this past week! Everyday is an egg hunt with our free-range babies. Not all of them like to use their nest boxes consistently, so sometimes we stumble across our eggs on top of a bag of lamb feed, in the lawn, or up in the barn loft.

Chicken Introductions: See the two vertical lines that the chickens form in the picture? The first line on the left has 6 chickens. Starting at the top you have Rainbow Heart, Ola, Flutter, Mr. Fancy Pants, (black) Sparkle Boy, and Jewel. On the right vertical line, starting at the top you can see Xena and then Flower. I’ll have to dedicate a new post to share you all how much they have grown since the Spring!

We need more mums… but here is what came with our house. <3 BEAUTIFUL.

We currently have five of our chickens laying eggs and are waiting on three more to start laying. So far, we get about 4-5 eggs per day right now. That means… If we don’t eat our eggs or give them away, we will have quite a few to consume if we don’t want them to go to waste!
That’s when I decided to make a breakfast pizza. It turned out phenomenal despite my recent loss of appetite for eggs.
We used the Easy Artisan pizza crust mix we purchased at the Grand Rapids VegFest2015. The company is based in Tecumseh, Michigan. Their bread mixes can be found at Meijer and they have a few products on Amazon. The bread is truly amazing in quality, taste and baking simplicity! It requires no kneading! One bag of this mix retails around $4 and makes 2 large pizza crusts. I accidentally used one full bag to make a thick crusted breakfast pizza. It turned out perfect and was really filling.
We fed our family of four, gave away three smaller slices for sampling, AND had leftovers for the kids’ breakfast the next morning! It was a killer deal and one super easy meal.
If you are not a vegetarian, you should still consider trying out the veggie meats in this recipe. This vegetarian breakfast pizza is packed with so much flavor that it makes the perfect Meatless Monday meal for those not used to eliminating meat from their meals. It’s much healthier too.