When My Mother Babysits…

  • By: Mommy & Love
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

This is the only sneak peek that I have to understand what happens when my mother babysits.  I don’t even want to know what else goes on when I’m not there!!! My mom recently discovered how to use technology… meaning email and the camera function on her iPhone 5. (lol) So yesterday at work, she thought she was absolutely hilarious and filmed this video of my daughter.
I will start by showing you a picture of myself… You will have to forgive me because I simply quick snapped a “selfie” like two seconds ago! The only thing you need to gather and take note of is my dark hair… and then find me in the video.
You will now see why my mom is a teensy bit CRAY CRAY.

And that’s it… My mom happened to walk by that tiny yoga girl in a thrift store, thought “Man, that looks like Monica!”, and decided to give it to my daughter for a joke.
What’s worse is that we all went to the store later that night and my daughter insisted on bringing it with her… WELL, she wanted the “other mama” to ride below the shopping cart. So, of course, I let her and we ended up forgetting to grab it before we left. My mom MADE ME call the store and ask the customer service lady to find it and save it so she could run back to the store the next day and pick it up. :/
Phone call went something like this…

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