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Appalachian Baby Names

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If you’re looking for a unique baby name that is steeped in history, then look no further than Appalachian names.

These names come from the beautiful and rugged mountains of Appalachia, and they are sure to stand out among the crowd.

Many of these names have been used for centuries by the people who live in Appalachia, and they are perfect for babies born in today’s world.

So if you’re looking for a special name for your little one, consider one of these Appalachian baby names!

There are many great options to choose from, from classic names to unusual names so be sure to take your time and find the perfect one for your child.

Whether you’re a native of the Appalachian region or just a lover of its culture, you’ll want your baby’s name to reflect the beautiful, rustic uniqueness of Appalachia.

It is a beautiful and special place, with a rich history and culture. And what better way to celebrate that than by giving your child a name that reflects the region’s unique heritage?

Appalachian Region: Home to Several Unique Baby Names

The beautiful and rugged mountains that make up the Appalachian Region consist of 13 states, from southern New York to northern Mississippi.

Appalachia’s name was derived from a Native American word meaning “the beloved land.”

The Appalachian mountain chain stretches from Alabama to Quebec, and its peaks and valleys are home to some of the most unique and culturally diverse communities in America.

If you’re looking for a special name for your new little baby, one that reflects the place that you or your family calls home, look no further than this collection of Appalachian baby names.

You’ve got Appalachian heritage with these southern baby names as your kids’ initial or middle name. The rolling hills and diverse flora offer endless opportunities for inspiration when choosing an Appalachian baby name.

Here are some common first names for boys and girls in the Appalachian region you’ve never heard before:

Appalachian or Southern Baby Names?

Appalachian names are often taken as a southern baby name but there are subtle differences. For example, many Appalachian names are of Gaelic or Celtic origin (if you are interested in Irish baby names check out our Irish boy’s names and Irish girls names posts).

This is due to the influence of Scottish and Irish immigrants who settled in the region centuries ago.

Other Appalachian names have Native American origins. This is because many Native American tribes lived in the Appalachian Mountains prior to European settlement.

Biblical names are also popular in the Appalachian Mountains. This is likely due to the region’s strong religious heritage.

Naming Traditions

First and middle names in the Appalachian Mountains are often two syllables. This is because many of the region’s names have been passed down through the generations and are of Gaelic or Celtic origin.

The maiden name is also often used as a middle name for girls in the Appalachian Mountains so the family name is honored. This is a tradition that dates back to the early days of settlement in the region.

Like many in the deep south, the first child in the family is often given the name of the paternal grandfather or the maternal grandmother.

This tradition is still followed by many families in the Appalachian Mountains today.

Appalachian Boys Names

If you’re looking for a truly unique name for your child, consider one of these Appalachian baby names. From quaint and old-fashioned southern baby boy names to modern and hip, there’s sure to be a perfect fit for your little one.

Some of our favorite Appalachian baby boy names include:

Appalachian name Carter
  • Carson – A Scottish name meaning “son of the marsh-dwellers.” See Carson name
  • Carter – An English name meaning “one who uses a cart or carriage.”
  • Colton – An English name meaning “from the coal or charcoal town.”
  • Dixon – A Scottish name meaning “son of Dick.”
  • Ellis – A Welsh name meaning “benevolent and kind.”
  • Grayson – An English name meaning “the son of the gray-haired one.”
  • Landon – An English name meaning “long hill or ridge.”
  • Macon – A Scottish name meaning “son of the mighty warrior.”
  • Malcolm – A Scottish name meaning “disciple of Saint Columba.”
  • Nash – An English name meaning “from the ash tree grove.”
  • Reese – A Welsh name meaning “ardent or fiery.”
  • Riley – An Irish name meaning “courageous.”
  • Tucker – An English name meaning “one who fulls cloth.”
  • Silas – A Greek name meaning “of the forest.”
  • Jethro – A Hebrew name meaning “abundance or increase.”
  • Asher – A Hebrew name meaning “happy or blessed.”
  • Enoch– A Hebrew name meaning “dedicated or consecrated.”
  • Leroy – A French name meaning “the king.”
  • Elijah – A Hebrew name meaning “my God is Jehovah.”
  • Ezra – A Hebrew name meaning “help or helper.”
  • Otho – A German name meaning “wealthy.”
  • Seth – A Hebrew name meaning “appointed.”
  • Harlan – An English name meaning “from the hare’s land.”
  • Ellsworth – An English name meaning “from the noble’s estate.”
  • Chauncey – An English name meaning “chancellor or secretary.”
  • Ira – A Hebrew name meaning “watchful or awake.”
  • Obadiah – A Hebrew name meaning “servant of Jehovah.”
  • Amos – A Hebrew name meaning “borne by God.”
  • Jonah – A Hebrew name meaning “dove.”
  • Nathan – A Hebrew name meaning “gift from God.”
  • Macon – A Scottish name meaning “son of the mighty warrior.”
  • Dawson – An English name meaning “son of David.”
  • Cullen – An Irish name meaning “holly tree.”
  • Emmett – An Irish name meaning “truth.”
  • Kendrick – An English name meaning “royal chieftain.”
  • Parley – An English name meaning “to speak plainly.”
  • Ransom – An English name meaning “son of the shield-wolf.”
  • Dorsey – An English name meaning “son of Dorsey.”
  • Pike – An English name meaning “pointed hill.”
  • Wyatt – An English name meaning “woodcutter or firewood.”

Appalachian Baby Girl Names

We’ve done our best to come up with a list of pretty Southern baby girl names that are easy for everyone to pronounce, easy for everyone to spell, and easy for everyone to remember.

  • Ada – A German name meaning “noble and serene.”
  • Adeline – An English name meaning “noble and kind.”
  • Agnes – A Greek name meaning “pure and holy.”
  • Aileen – An Irish name meaning “bright and beautiful.”
  • Alison – An English name meaning “noble and kind.”
  • Anna May – An English name meaning “favor and grace.”
  • Aurora – A Latin name meaning “dawn.”
  • Aubrey – An English name meaning “elf or magical being.”
  • Bailey – An English name meaning “steward or public official.”
  • Bell – An English name meaning “beautiful.”
  • Betsy – An English name meaning “God is my oath.”
  • Birdie – An English name meaning “bird.”
  • Bea – A Latin name meaning “blessed.”
  • Bonnie – A Scottish name meaning “pretty or charming.”
  • Bobbie – An English name meaning “bright fame.”
  • Callie – A Greek name meaning “beautiful voice.”
  • Caroline – An English name meaning “free woman.”
  • Claire – A French name meaning “clear and bright.”
  • Cora – A Greek name meaning “maiden.”
  • Callie – A Greek name meaning “beautiful voice.”
  • Charity –  An English name meaning “loving and giving.”
  • Dixie –  An English name meaning “from the south.”
  • Eden – A Hebrew name meaning “delight or pleasure.”
  • Ellie – An English diminutive of Eleanor, meaning “light.”
  • Ella-Mae – An English name meaning “all good.”
  • Etta – An English name meaning “estate ruler.”
  • Georgia  – A Greek name meaning “farmer.”
  • Harper – An English name meaning “harpist or minstrel.”
  • Holly – An English name meaning “the holly tree.”
  • Imogen – A Celtic name meaning “maiden.”
  • Isabel – A Spanish form of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is bountiful.”
  • Jolene – An English name meaning “boy.”
  • Jessamine – An English name meaning “jasmine flower.”
  • Jordan –  An English name meaning “flowing down.”
  • Kathleen – An Irish diminutive of Katherine, meaning “pure.”
  • Kimberly – An English name meaning “from the royal fortress meadow.”
  • Leah – A Hebrew name meaning “weary.”
  • Loretta – An Italian name meaning “laurel wreath.”
  • Lillian – An English diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “lily.”
  • Maribelle – An English name meaning “of the sea.”
  • Meriwether – An English name meaning “happy weather.”
  • Olivia –  A Latin name meaning “olive tree.”
  • Peggy – An English diminutive of Margaret, meaning “pearl.”
  • Rachel – A Hebrew name meaning “ewe.”
  • Ruby – An English name meaning “red gemstone.”
  • Ruth –  A Hebrew name meaning “compassionate friend.”
  • Sarah – A Hebrew name meaning “princess.”
  • Stella – A Latin name meaning “star.”
  • Tammy – An English name meaning “twin.”
  • Scarlet – An English name meaning “red.”

These suggestions are perfect for parents wanting something interesting, special, and representative of their child’s heritage.


Whether you’re looking for a timeless name option that will never go out of style or a more unique moniker that reflects your family’s Appalachian heritage, we hope this list has given you plenty of ideas to consider.

There are lots of names from West Virginia whether you want an unusual name for your little girl or a beautiful name as a new middle name for your son or daughter, this amazing region has plenty to offer.

Their middle names should go well with their first names. We hope that you have decided on the perfect name for your child and that they grow up to be a great person.

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