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Irish Names for Boys

Irish Names for Boys: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking for the perfect Irish name for your little boy? Look no further! This comprehensive guide has everything you need to choose the perfect name.

Irish Names for Girls

Irish Names for Girls: Unique and Lovely Baby Names from Ireland

If you’re looking for unique baby names, our collection of traditional Irish girl’s names is a great place to start. Here are some of the most beautiful and poetic choices to consider!

Appalachian Baby Names

Appalachian Baby Names: Unique and Timeless Name

If you’re looking for a unique, timeless name for your baby, consider an Appalachian name. We’ve gathered some of the most popular and modern names here.

How To Pick A Middle Name

How To Pick A Middle Name

Choosing your child’s middle name can give you an opportunity to be a bit more daring and to have a bit of fun with the name game….

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6 Month Old Naps - Nap Times & Tips

6 Month Old Naps – Nap Times & Tips

Learn how to get your baby or toddler on a nap schedule. This article discusses what you can do at home and with your pediatrician to help your baby sleep longer stretches during the day and become more rested when he/she sleeps.

Baby Mittens for Sleeping

Baby Mittens for Sleeping

Is it safe for a baby to sleep with mittens on? How do you choose mittens for a baby? Get all the answers to your questions about baby mittens here.

Are Vibrations Safe for Newborns

Are Vibrations Safe for Newborns?

Concerned about the safety of vibrations for newborns? Get the facts on how vibrations can help or harm your baby.

Can Babies Sleep With Socks On

Can Babies Sleep With Socks On?

You may be wondering if babies can sleep with socks on. As it turns out, there are many reasons why you should put them to bed in socks.

Baby Waking Up Every Hour: What to Do

Baby Waking Up Every Hour: What to Do

Are you losing sleep because your baby is waking up every hour? Here are some tips to help you get more rest.

Can Babies Have Nightmares

Can Babies Have Nightmares? What To Do If Your Baby Is Having A Bad Dream

Do babies have nightmares? This is a question that many parents ask, especially if their child is having a bad dream. Nightmares can be frightening for both children and adults,…