125 Boy & Girl First Names That Go With the Last Name Sullivan




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If your last name is Sullivan, congratulations – you’ve got a name that’s got rhythm and strength!

Levin, heaven, eleven…

Sure, those words might sound great in a poem, but when you’re thinking about a name for your upcoming bundle of joy, you might want something that stands on its own while complementing the sound of Sullivan.

No worries at all! With its Irish roots and three-syllable bounce, Sullivan pairs exceptionally well with a host of first names, from the short and sweet to the long and luxurious. We’ve sifted through hundreds of options and narrowed it down to the crème de la crème.

So, without further delay, here are some of the best boy and girl first names that beautifully pair with the last name Sullivan.

Top 50 Girl Names That Go With Sullivan

Let’s dive right into this curated list of female first names that harmonize wonderfully with the last name Sullivan. We’ve reached out to real-life parents named Sullivan for some of these, and I’ve sprinkled in some personal favorites as well. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

The Classics

  • Anna Sullivan
  • Elizabeth Sullivan
  • Katherine Sullivan
  • Margaret Sullivan
  • Grace Sullivan
  • Laura Sullivan
  • Sarah Sullivan
  • Emma Sullivan
  • Julia Sullivan
  • Rebecca Sullivan

The Trendy

  • Ava Sullivan
  • Harper Sullivan
  • Riley Sullivan
  • Mia Sullivan
  • Addison Sullivan
  • Zoey Sullivan
  • Skylar Sullivan
  • Layla Sullivan
  • Aria Sullivan
  • Everly Sullivan

The Uncommon

  • Calliope Sullivan
  • Elara Sullivan
  • Briony Sullivan
  • Tamsin Sullivan
  • Seraphina Sullivan
  • Mabel Sullivan
  • Ione Sullivan
  • Blythe Sullivan
  • Faye Sullivan
  • Ingrid Sullivan

Modern & Inspired

  • Wren Sullivan
  • Sage Sullivan
  • Indie Sullivan
  • Luna Sullivan
  • Harper Sullivan
  • Echo Sullivan
  • Haven Sullivan
  • Quinn Sullivan
  • Nova Sullivan
  • Ember Sullivan

Culturally Diverse

  • Keiko Sullivan
  • Ines Sullivan
  • Amara Sullivan
  • Chiara Sullivan
  • Anaya Sullivan
  • Niamh Sullivan
  • Leilani Sullivan
  • Aaliyah Sullivan
  • Pilar Sullivan
  • Mei Sullivan

Top 50 Boys Names That Go With Sullivan

The Classics

  • James Sullivan
  • William Sullivan
  • Robert Sullivan
  • Edward Sullivan
  • Charles Sullivan
  • Thomas Sullivan
  • Samuel Sullivan
  • George Sullivan
  • Henry Sullivan
  • Michael Sullivan

The Trendy

  • Liam Sullivan
  • Noah Sullivan
  • Ethan Sullivan
  • Aiden Sullivan
  • Mason Sullivan
  • Logan Sullivan
  • Carter Sullivan
  • Jayden Sullivan
  • Lucas Sullivan
  • Hudson Sullivan

The Uncommon

  • Ambrose Sullivan
  • Soren Sullivan
  • Hugo Sullivan
  • Cassius Sullivan
  • Atticus Sullivan
  • Enoch Sullivan
  • Quentin Sullivan
  • Thaddeus Sullivan
  • Ignatius Sullivan
  • Zephyr Sullivan

Modern & Inspired

  • Phoenix Sullivan
  • Maddox Sullivan
  • Wilder Sullivan
  • Atlas Sullivan
  • Finn Sullivan
  • Orion Sullivan
  • Jaxon Sullivan
  • Grayson Sullivan
  • River Sullivan
  • Archer Sullivan

Culturally Diverse

  • Arjun Sullivan
  • Enzo Sullivan
  • Rafiq Sullivan
  • Jiro Sullivan
  • Rohan Sullivan
  • Leandro Sullivan
  • Hakim Sullivan
  • Dante Sullivan
  • Inigo Sullivan
  • Vito Sullivan

25 Unisex Names That Go With The Name Sullivan

  • Alex Sullivan
  • Bailey Sullivan
  • Casey Sullivan
  • Devon Sullivan
  • Emery Sullivan
  • Finley Sullivan
  • Gray Sullivan
  • Harper Sullivan
  • Indiana Sullivan
  • Jamie Sullivan
  • Kendall Sullivan
  • Laken Sullivan
  • Morgan Sullivan
  • Navy Sullivan
  • Oakley Sullivan
  • Parker Sullivan
  • Quincy Sullivan
  • Riley Sullivan
  • Skylar Sullivan
  • Taylor Sullivan
  • Umbria Sullivan
  • Val Sullivan
  • Wren Sullivan
  • Xan Sullivan
  • Yael Sullivan

Now my personal favorites! For a girl, I’m quite taken with the name “Evelyn Sullivan.” It has a graceful, timeless charm that pairs wonderfully with the surname Sullivan. On the boy’s side, I’m a fan of “Theodore Sullivan.” The name Theodore has an old-world charm and carries a sense of strength and character. And if we’re discussing unisex options, I love the name “Harper Sullivan.” It’s modern, unique, and complements the three-syllable rhythm of Sullivan perfectly. There’s certainly something beautiful about pairing both short and long first names with Sullivan!

Considerations for Name Pairing Sullivan

When choosing a first name to go with the last name Sullivan, it’s important to consider syllable count and phonetics. Sullivan, a three-syllable surname with a strong Irish heritage, has a melodic flow. To ensure a good balance, you might want to consider shorter first names for simplicity and ease of pronunciation. A one-syllable or two-syllable first name, such as “Kate Sullivan” or “Ethan Sullivan”, can maintain a smooth and harmonious rhythm when spoken aloud.

However, don’t let this limit your options too strictly. A long first name can still work beautifully with Sullivan if the overall sound and flow feel right to you. Additionally, consider the heritage and meaning of the first name, especially if you want to honor the Irish roots of Sullivan. Keep an eye out for names that resonate with you on a personal level, maybe because they connect to your family history, have a significant meaning, or simply because they appeal to your taste. Ultimately, the best name is one that feels right for you and your child.

Meaning of the last name Sullivan

The surname Sullivan hails from Irish origins and is derived from the Gaelic name “Ó Súileabháin,” which means “descendant of Súileabhán.” The name Súileabhán is a compound of the elements “súil,” meaning “eye,” and “dubh,” meaning “black,” combined with the diminutive suffix “án,” thus it might be interpreted as “little dark-eyed one.”

The name Sullivan is commonly associated with the rich history and folklore of Ireland, reflecting the strong Celtic heritage. The surname is found worldwide today, with substantial numbers in Ireland, the United States, Canada, and Australia. There have been several notable people with the surname Sullivan, ranging from John L. Sullivan, the first heavyweight champion of gloved boxing, to the groundbreaking architect Louis Sullivan, often referred to as the “father of skyscrapers.”


What should I consider when picking a baby name to pair with the surname Sullivan?

When choosing a baby name to go with Sullivan, consider syllable count and flow. Names with varying syllables often pair well. Avoid names that end with an “n” sound, as it may clash with the beginning of Sullivan.

Is it okay to use an Irish first name with the Irish last name Sullivan?

Absolutely, it’s completely fine to use an Irish first name with Sullivan. In fact, it could make the name sound even more cohesive and express your cultural heritage.

Can Sullivan work well with modern or unconventional names?

Yes, Sullivan is quite versatile and can pair well with a variety of modern or unconventional names. Just ensure the overall sound is melodious when said aloud.

How important is the meaning of the first name when pairing with Sullivan?

While the meaning of a first name can be a nice touch, especially if it has personal significance, it’s not crucial for it to pair thematically with Sullivan. The sound and flow of the names together typically hold more weight than combined meanings.

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