Baby Name for Twins: Strategies for Choosing the Best Names

Baby Name for Twins

Naming twins

While naming your baby can be fun – if a little perplexing at times – imagine trying to choose names for TWINS! 

Twice the difficulty, twice the confusion…..but twice the fun!

There’s no doubt that choosing names for your baby is great fun, but, when you’re faced with naming twins, you have twice the options, twice the difficulties and twice the choices…

As you will well know, parents of twins tend to go down one of two routes…

(a) dressing the twins in the same outfits, with the same hairstyles etc…or

(b) dressing them completely differently, with different hairstyles to ensure their individuality stands out.

The same goes for names..

First of all, let’s look at the same things that you should avoid for naming twins as you would for naming a single baby…

Extra things to consider when naming twins…

When it comes to naming twins there are a few questions that you may want to ask yourself before making the big decisions.

For a start, do you want your twins’ names to highlight the fact that they are ‘a pair’? as in Mia and Nia? Or do you want them to have the same initials (Amy Elise and Amanda Elliott) – and, if so, WHY?

Are there easy alternatives for nicknames?

Names with the same meaning

If you want to keep your babies’ identities separate, but still keep them connected, then one way of doing this is by giving them names that are different, but which have the same meaning.

Clara and Gwen, for example, both mean ‘light’, while Asher and Felix both mean ‘happy’. This method takes some research, but just make sure that both names exude positive connotations.

Playing it safe

If you want to play it safe, then simply follow the trend. There are loads of lists out there of the ‘top names for babies’. One seems to appear every month or years, so, if you’re really stuck, have a look and go for one of the ‘go to’ names at the moment.

Every year, the Social Security Administration compiles a list of the top twin names for both boys and girls. This can make your choice of names for your twins much easier because everyone will be familiar with these names and there won’t be any problems with issues such as spelling or pronunciation. 

On the downside, there are going to be lots more kids in kindergarten and school with the same names, so your twins will lose a little of their individuality. Picture your twins’ names being called out and their not knowing if it’s they who are being called or not?

Go for anagrams

Naming twins can actually be twice the fun of naming one baby, so make the most of it!

Anagrams can be a great way of choosing twin baby names. This means that you make up names by mixing the letters of one name to make another name. if you go for this option, it means that each of your twins will have a unique name.

Nadia and Aidan, for example, are a great example of anagram names that allow for uniqueness – but remember that this may take some time to sort!

(I once had a neighbour who named her mixed gender twins ‘Dreek’ and ‘Kered’! The fact that the dad’s name was Derek made the family’s names more connected and yet individual…..

This can be especially important when you’re dealing with twins and particularly if you want them to be individual but still connected.

Start with the same letter

Names that begin with the same letter are often a popular option for twins. This means that you can opt for names that feature in the ‘top ten names’ for the year in which your babies are born and yet still give them names that begin with the same letter. 

Some popular options are:

Eleanor and Eve

Fiona and Fallon

Ayesha and Amy

For boys:

Daniel and Dominic

Brandon and Benjamin

Aidan and Austin

This rule applies even better when your twins are of different genders…

Jade and James

Brandon and Bethany

Carter and Charlotte

A time for rhymes?

Now, there are two schools of thought on giving your twins names that rhyme. 

One is that names that rhyme are very memorable and can make it easy for others to remember your twins’ names easily!

If you do decide to go down this route, then you have plenty of options…

For twin girls, you can go for Ada/Ava, Darcy/Marcy, Madison/Addison and Stacy/Macy

For twin boys, you have Aidan/Hayden, Brett/Rhett, Ethan/Nathan and Logan/Brogan.

For boy/girl twin names that rhyme, you can choose from options like Aidan/Jayden, Dylan/Jillian, Finn/Quinn and Tate/Kate.

While these are all great name combos, the other school of thought with using rhyming names for twins is that you run the risk of your twins run the risk of becoming known as a pair, rather than as the individuals that they are…

While Chloe and Zoe, for example, are both lovely names, the fact that they rhyme makes it easier for people to remember them as a pair. Similarly, Daniel and Nathaniel or Blake and Jake put them all into the category of ‘twosomes’.

Is there a theme?

Themes are also an option when naming twins. Whether you go for nature, cultural or religious options, there’s a plethora of names that you can choose from if you want your twins to be connected by a theme. 

If you want to go down the floral route, for example, there’s Iris and Rose or Lily and Blossom.

If you go down the nature route, there’s Flora and Blossom or Willow and Summer.

Or how about going ‘retro’ with names from bygone ages. Some old-fashioned names are already making a comeback, so you may want to choose a name from a great-grandparent or grandparent. 

For girls you could go for Bertha, Camilla, Clara, Dora, Edith, Edna, Florence or Ruby, while boys’ names making a comeback include Albert, Arthur, Edgar, Edward, Frank, Ernest, Walter, Ralph and Roger. 

However you choose to name your twins – and whichever option you go for – enjoy the journey!

Our Favourite Boy Twin Names

Here is a list of our favourite twin boy names, we haven’t followed any them like nature names or place names, just our favourite boy names together that we think make great twin baby names.

Maverick & Magnus
Lucas & Rocky
Francisco & Brody
Wayne & Hayes
Armani & Vance
Kash & Evan
August & Waylon
King & Elian
Layton & Gianni
Madden & Ocean
Zayne & Wesson
Lawson & Raylan
Ashton & Jackson
Noel & Adrian
Maurice & Korbin
Christian & Marcus
Jaden & Mylo
Fernando & Kamden
Jude & Antonio
Ronin & Gideon
Braxton & Jase

Our Favourite Girl Twin Names

Here is a list of some cute twin girl names. When you are expecting twins its twice the joy, but it can also be twice the work to find names that sound adorable together.

Cecilia & Caroline
Astrid & Hallie
Victoria & Gianna
Jolene & Aurora
Ava & Katherine
Reese & Ari
Skylar & Brynlee
Journey & Adalynn
Avery & Katie
Makayla & Peyton
Kensley & Elliott
Myla & Rylee
Piper & Sutton
Mia & River
Margot & Evelynn
Delaney & Ariyah
Regina & Dahlia
Gianna & Hailey
Maliyah & Paris
Raegan & Everlee
Lily & Natalia

Our Favourite Boy Girl Twin Names

Boy girl twins can either be the hardest or the easiest to name, depending on your perspective, but we’ve whittled down our favourite cute twin names to these, some with the same first letter, some not! If you go for the same initial, it makes it kind of twinsy but kind of not, so can be a perfect pair

Charlee & Hendrix
Maci & Maddox
Josie & James
Adalynn & Adriel
Juniper & Jace
Hazel & Ridge
Ember & Elijah
Elaina & Harrison
Kayla & Kairo
Lillian & Kalel
Londyn & Oakley
Maeve & Colton
Frances & Kellen
Journey & Kaison
Hadley & Dax
Makenna & Devin
Rose & Damien
Joy & Tatum
Amy & Pierce
Ada & Melvin
Alina & Santiago

Take Away!

Have fun with your new babies, no matter what you decide to call them! Many parents often decide the name of their dynamic duo well in advance and some leave it until baby’s arrival. We hope you find the perfect match and if you need help with middle names, check out our comprehensive guide to choosing the best middle names!

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