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bgnappies was a wonderful website dedicated to bringing parents the information and care they needed relating to diapers and diaper rash. Everything from how to wash cloth diapers to making your own natural diaper rash remedies.

If you are reading this after searching for Bg Nappies, let us explain who we are!

Who Is Mommy and Love?

As parents ourselves, Mommy and love’s aim is to uplift, inspire and encourage other parents through parenthood.

We have created practical support guides and resources to help answer your questions and guide you through your parenting journey, such as getting babies to sleep or even choosing your baby’s name, we have the biggest range of middle name options!

We love, love, love helping families find the perfect name. Whether you are looking for an Irish boys name, powerful names for boys or even Appalachian baby names, we have the full list!

Our Advice On Feeding Your Baby

Whether you are breastfeeding, formula feeding, or mixing it up we want to help support you! As well as help with breastfeeding we use our real-life experiences to help you. We have a range of articles on how to start solid foods, what to do about fussy eaters and more!

We know that every family is different and that parenting can be tough, but we are here to support you!

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